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Cassia fistula, which is known as Kanikkonna in Malayalam, Aegle marmelos (locally known as Koovalam), Phyllanthus amarus known as Keezharnelli etc are some of the medicinal plants seen commonly in Kerala. These plants have high medicinal value and they are used in ayurvedic treatments for various diseases.

The root of Cassia fistula has high medicinal value and it is used in the treatment for syphilis, leprosy etc. They are also used for curing burning sensation, skin diseases and the like. Its seeds are laxative and the leaves are used for the treatment of malaria, rheumatism and ulcers. The buds of the plant too have medicinal value and they are part of the Ayurvedic drugs prepared for constipation, leprosy and skin diseases.

Healing powers of Koovalam or Aegle marmelos too have been recognized by ancient Ayurvedic scholars and they are mainly used in curing diarrhea, dysentery and vomiting. Its leaves are used in Ayurvedic treatments for diabetes, inflammation and asthma while its unripe fruit is used as a constipating agent. Keezharnelli too is a well-known medicinal plant in Kerala and it is one of the very effective medicines for curing jaundice of all types. It is also used in controlling the sugar levels in the body. Ayurvedic practitioners make use of the plant also for treating diseases like ulcers, wounds, constipation etc.

posted almost 8 years ago

I’ve got aloe vera in my garden i use for my skin, some marigolds, lemongrass I use to make into a spray that repels bugs, and nasturtiums. They’re supposed to help sore throats if you eat the leaves, but I find them too spicy for me.

posted almost 8 years ago
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