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I’m so stressed because of school right now that I dont even know if I can handle it. Mid-terms are coming up, plus my classes are super hard. Its just to much. I love yoga but I’m so busy I don’t even have time for that.

What are some tips and quick stress relieves you have?


posted over 7 years ago

Whenever I’m stressed out (which is most of the time), I always talk to friends/family. They’re always the ones that help build my confidence and offer words of encouragement that make me feel better.
If I get really freaked out, I take some time to calm down, take deep breathes, and think positive thoughts. I know it sounds corny, but it helps me!

Good Luck on everything with school! I know you’ll do well =)

posted over 7 years ago

Hey @lovemarta -

I know what you’re going through! Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to relax because of life’s responsibilities and we often forget to take care of the most important person in our lives (ourselves)!

If you don’t have time to do yoga, you can also try a few tips that I find very helpful for me!
1. Stretch for about 15 minutes everyday (or when you feel stressed) (or if someone is there to help you, a massage is great too!) Sometimes when we feel stressed, our body tenses up so to relax our bodies, we need to massage our muscles and ligaments to increase the oxygen flow in our blood. Although it may hurt while we stretch, I guarantee you that you’ll feel so much more relaxed after it’s done! It’s a great way to do before going to bed. I do that almost every night. (Source)

2. Talk it out. – Just like what @JPB said, sometimes talking to very close friends and family (trusted ones that is) can really help. Make sure to talk to ones who will SUPPORT YOU and avoid the ones who are negative. When you’re down and stressed, the last you will need is negativity! You will want to talk with people who can make you feel motivated and better about yourself.

3. Be organized! Since you did mention that you’re a student and having midterms, make sure to prioritize your time better (like taking intervals of studying instead of procrastinating on the study time)! It really helps, I remember cramming all in one night and also drinking lots of coffee – what happened the next day? Even more stress! Boo.

4. Take a breath. Just like number 2’s tip, sometimes when we are stressed, we don’t think clearly so it causes our brain to only focus on negative thoughts (since it’s way easier to dwell on the bad when we feel bad) so to increase our thinking abilities, take a deep breath so that you can suck in that oxygen and bring it up to your brain! It helps : ). (More tips on why deep breathing helps)

Hopefully this helps! Let us know how you feel in a couple of weeks! Keep us updated.

xx, C
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posted over 7 years ago
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