So I’ve been researching and trying to build my wardrobe with fashion “essentials”. Here’s a list of items usually listed in top 10 lists.

1. Trench Coat
2. LBD
3. Classic White Shirt
4. Jeans
5. Blazer
6. Skirt
7. Sunglasses
8. Flats
9. High Heels
10. Cardigan

-Do you more or less agree with this list?
-What’s in your own personal top 5 or 10 personal wardrobe essentials (what do you find using the most)?
-And do you put down serious cash for these essentials or do you buy whatever works?

posted about 10 years ago
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1. Everyday purse
2. Skinny jeans
3. Long vest
4. Leggings
5. Flats
6. Scarf
7. Fitted jacket
8. Summer to Winter dress
9. Rings
10. Sweater

posted almost 10 years ago

1. Skinny Jeans
2. Boyfriend Shorts
3. High Waisted Skirt
4. Oversized White V Neck
5. Leather Jacket
6. Blazer
7. Black Tights
8. Lace Up Booties
9. Oversized Bag
10. Black Cardigan

posted almost 10 years ago

My Top 10:
1) Dark Skinny Jeans
2) London Boots
3) Black Military Style Peacoat
4) Long Necklaces
5) Long White T-Shirt
6) Black Pumps
7) Brown Sandal Heels
8) Billowy Blouses
9) An Assortment of Vests (Waistcoats)
10) A Proper Fitting Bra (Always makes ANY outfit look 100% better! The wrong bra can ruin an outfit!!)

posted almost 10 years ago

thank you for this. i just got a creme colored trench coat and i can wear it with about everything

posted almost 10 years ago

1. Perfect underwear and bra set! (you gotta start there!!)
2. loose T/loose tank
3. Black blazer
4. dark skinny jeans
5. neutral trenchcoat
6. embellished/dressy top
7. great pair of heels
8. great pair of flats
9. pencil skirt
10. different colored/design tights

posted almost 10 years ago

Long post, sorry (and my first, so hello!)

They’re general, but the usual “wardrobe essentials” lists don’t completely apply to me either. My own list reflects my lifestyle, local climate/weather (I live in Scotland), and body type (short and very slim but with an hourglass shape). If it didn’t, I’d be awkwardly dressed whatever I wore. They work for me, but not necessarily anyone else. This is the stuff I wear most often, year-round, with everything, and would be lost without, but there are other things I rely on and didn’t have space for:

1) Supportive, comfortable, professionally fitted bras in a range of styles to suit different clothes. Black, nude, dark and jewel colours. I wear Freya bras the most as they cater well to a very narrow back + large cup.
2) Ribbed opaque tights – mostly burgundy, plum, grey, black. Merino wool long johns underneath in the winter.
3) Interesting knee length or mini “feature dresses” – block colours or with small/medium prints.
4) Form-fitting mini dresses for layering – long sleeves or tanks.
5) V neck cardigans, different lengths.
6) Coats – heavy wool for winter, short fitted jackets for warmer months, trench in between.
7) Flat knee high boots.
8) Scarves – plenty of different sizes, weights, textures, colours, prints etc.
9) Hats – mainly beanies and berets, trilbies etc in warmer/less windy months.
10) Large comfy handbag (with string shopping bag stashed in it).

As for saving vs. splurging on staple items…

I’m on a tight budget so even the things I do spend more on don’t cost a huge amount. I always think of the cost per wear. I try to only buy clothes that I love, so I’m not constantly buying them and can afford to invest a wee bit more if I need to. You can get quality on a budget – expensive doesn’t mean well-made or versatile – but you need to be canny. I’ve always sought (and usually found) bargains. As I prefer vintage clothing to new it works out well – many of my staples are vintage – although it’s more expensive than it used to be.

Bras are the only thing I never economise on. That’s partly because the majority in my size just are more expensive, but also because I periodically try lower priced ones when they come on the market and find the comfort and support lacking.

I’ll spend more on an everyday bag and a good pair of boots that will age well (I like my everyday boots a bit scruffy) but if I find great quality cheaper ones that’s fine too. I spend small amounts maintaining boots – waterproofing, taking them to the cobbler occasionally. Often cheaper boots don’t have soles, heels etc that can be easily replaced or are difficult to clean.

posted almost 10 years ago

I don’t really have any rules that I follow when building a wardrobe (which is probably why my closet is an exploding mess), but here are some of my necessities

1. perfect button-up shirt
2. black tights (sheer, opaque, what-have-you)
3. Heeled oxfords
4. Oxford flats
5. warm scarf
6. slouchy cardigan
7. Neutral coat
8. Shirtdress
9. High-waist printed skirt
10. black long-sleeve tee

That was a lot more difficult than I thought it’d be… I still think you need more than this, to be honest.

posted almost 10 years ago

1. A perfect pair of jeans (hard to find!)
2. Flats
3. Black skinny jeans
4. Black dècolletes
5. A timeless bag
6. High-waist skirt
7. A black coat
8. A neutral long cardigan
9. One-color shirts
10. A good watch :)

posted almost 10 years ago

1. v neck shirt (black or white)
2. funky flat
3. purple trench coat
4. polka dot skirt
5. animal print cardigan
6. ankle boots (black or grey)
7. skinny belt (silver, blue, or red)
8. black pumps
9. sweater dress
10.funky pencil skirt

posted almost 10 years ago

1. A stable, well made white t-shirt
2. A timeless red lipstick (particularly MAC’s Russian Red)
3. A black pencil skirt
4. A black blazer with a little detailing on it
5. Tights!
6. A good pair of patent red flats
7. A well made black quilted bag
8. A pair of nice, well fitting trousers (not jeans)
9. A pair of black tie booties or oxfords
10. A silk pair of shorts

Basically black and white with a bit of red in the mix, this is my simple go-to uniform when I’m a bit lazy.

posted almost 10 years ago

Hmm, at the moment my day-to-day wardrobe is primarily consisting of:

1. Black or gray skinny jeans
2. Loose v-neck slub t-shirts
3. Slouchy long cardigans
4. Sweater dresses
5. Leather mini skirt
6. Black tights / leggings
7. Black blazer
8. Patterned scarves
9. Ballet flats
10. Huge “carry-my-life-with-me” bags

I keep the outfits mostly neutral, with a hint of jewel-tone color thrown in (purples, teals, deep oranges).

posted almost 10 years ago

1. Fitted blazer
2. structured handbag
3. comfortable flats
4. midsize heels
5. trench coat
6. LBD ( doesnt have to be black!!)
7. White button down shirt
8. pencil skirt
9. straight leg pants/trousers
10. Statement jewelry

posted almost 10 years ago

1.the little black dress
2.high heels
3.scarf in different colors
5. black sunglasses
7.oversized handbags (i am addicted to )
8.the leggings
9.skinny jeans
10.stylish watch

posted almost 10 years ago

1)skinny Jeans
2)black leggings
3)over sized name brand purse
4)boots that come to my calf (with a hill)
5)over sized tee
6)hair accessories
8)military pea coat
10)sweater/or cardigan.

posted almost 10 years ago
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In no particular order…
1. Solid tees/henleys in neutrals and basic colors
3. Blazers
4. Dresses, both comfy and dressy
5. A variety of all-purpose heels and flats
6. Snow/rain boots
7. Coat/Trench
8. At least one of each accessory
9. THE MOST FLATTERING SWIMSUIT EVER. This is actually a big one for me. At your most body-con time you want to look as hot as possible. i don’t really press for spending a lot on the other stuff, except trenches and blazers, but spend whatever you need to to get that perfect swimsuit…and I MEAN PERFECT. DO NOT settle for less. Ever. lolz
10. A work uniform that you can convert to a wearable, fashionable outfit. For convenience sake, I find that when you work in a place like a fast food restaurant or whatever, you want to be wearing stuff that you can wear elsewhere. It sucks to spend money on clothes you only wear to do hard labor. You don’t want any clothing item to have a bad connotation. :)

I could name off a hundred of these things though…like Nina Garcia…srsly. lolz

posted almost 10 years ago

1. Black high waisted skirt
2. Dark wash jeans
3. Cardigan (color(s) depend on your style)
4. White tee
5. Black flats
6. Simple clutch
7. Classic necklace
8. Black heels
9. Tights!
10. Oversized sweater dress?

posted almost 10 years ago

1. pencil skirt
2. high waisted shorts
3. black skinny jeans
4. black leggins
5. rompers
6. one peice/playsuit
7. v-necks
8. cardigans
9. leather jackets
10. trench coat

posted almost 10 years ago

It’s winter here in the north so it’s impossible to make just one list. But there are a couple of pieces that stay the year around:
-lbd, or in my case, a knitted black tunic. works perfectly family holidays, funerals, birthdays, job interviews, nothintowears and night outs
- skinny jeans or whatever “jeggings” – I was strongly against them for a very long time but can’t help it, they’re practical
- cardi. black. ‘cos it’s always cold anyway.
- alpaca socks. i rest my case ^^
- military pants. if in doubt, wear them.
- army boots. lifesavers. especially with the alpaca socks.
- jeans jacket. I’ve had one since 1984, no leather could ever replace it.

posted almost 10 years ago

1. Skinny jeans
2. Blazer
3. Heels
4. Oversized sweater
5. High waisted skirt
6. Boots
7. Casual dress (that can also be dressed up for formal)
8. Layered necklace
9. Black tank top
10. High waist skirt

posted almost 10 years ago

1 v-neck
2 sunglasses
3 rings
4 skinny jeans
5 converse
6 boots
7 mary-janes
8 a casual dress easily accessorized to be more than casual
9 push-up bra (yes, no need in hiding it!)
10 headband

posted over 8 years ago

1. cardis
2. great undies
3.skinny jeans
4. blazer
5. slouchy tees
6. Heels
7. Tights
8. dresses
9. boots
10. the perfect swim suit

posted over 8 years ago

1. leggings
2. skinny jeans
3. tights
4. scarves
5. cardigans
6. brown boots
7. bodycon skirt
8. shu uemura curler
9. oxford heels
10. casual boatneck/off-the-shoulder tee

posted over 8 years ago

I agree with this list but I’d also add a pair of black tights.

posted over 8 years ago
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