Walking Bike Shorts

Updated on May 04, 2009
blue silk thrifted tie - black mary jane pumps coach shoes - white JCrew shirt
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nobutterfly 's Thoughts:

Some notes and ideas I jotted down. They may be a bit scrambled as I just stayed up all night finishing up some work, Yes, welcome to workaholics anonymous. haha.

A way to show a little leg and yet look polished is with walking shorts. “It’s a sophisticated way to wear a short,” says Kaufman. “Wear them with a higher heel” (as seen on Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirsten Dunst). And be sure to keep the ensemble clean and streamlined. “It’s about making sure it’s a pulled-together look.”

Like bike shorts: as a layering piece. Wang, Micheal Kors, Abaete, Alaia. Easy, sexy, sporty, looks comfy.

Covered by a tunic, like at Michael Kors, the bike short seems almost harmless. But there is a good reason this trend went away: the bike short looks bad on most women because it fits tightly around the thighs were most of us have some jiggle.

Modern biker shorts and leather jackets at Alexander Wang’s RTW collection for fall 2009 are sure to satisfy the rocker-chic girl. The look is further enhanced by above-the-ankle, buckled boots, a tough biker version and a pointy toed lace-up style.

One of the most wearable lengths is the walking short which measures in around a 10-12" inseam, or a couple of inches above the knee. The walking short is a dressier (and more flattering) alternative than the short short, while still offering a nice amount of leg to show. Shorter women will like the length better than Bermuda shorts, which visually cut the leg in half at the knee.

Walking shorts are just like jeans. If they fit right, no matter what you wear with them you’ll glow.

Contrarian me:
Some people think that shorts are super casual, but this should shake those assumptions.

Who and Why:
One of the reasons dress shorts remain so popular with celebrities is no doubt due to their duality: they’re both daring and demure. While they’re traditionally casual daywear, shorts are an unexpected choice for night, look quite chic when worn correctly, and are far more modest than a mini.

To roll them up:
more casual alternative to tailored walking shorts, the rolled variety is a chic way to showcase your gams (as seen on Rachel Bilson and Kate Moss). “And you can wear them with everything from sandals to cowboy boots,”

Balancing Act:
The nod to menswear is a refreshing counterpoint to the season’s baby doll dresses and, of course, to something that’s always current for me: comfort.

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Comments (7)

amorphous_face on March 26
love the men's tie. Trying t figure out an outfit in which I can incorporate a man's tie.
EricSPowers85 on December 15
Nice heels!
EDENZ on May 18
Wow! This is a fantastic ensemble!
nobutterfly on May 18
=) thank you!
trishacamille on May 09
cool! i like how the tie stands out in the outfit:)
nobutterfly on May 18
I'm so into ties lately =). Thanks!
Bartabac_ on May 08
i love your style :) it's so characteristically you! fresh and cute :)
nobutterfly on May 18
That is so happy for me to hear. Thank you! I love your style too.
mv_erazo on May 05
L-l-l-l-ove the pose!!! you look FIERCE! ps: I wished I could pull off this off, you look amazing! :)
nobutterfly on May 18
Thanks! That is so nice of you toi say *^_^*
inKARLcerating on May 04
such a lush take of androgynous style! great!
nobutterfly on May 05
=D Thank you!
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