Summer Cameras- Part 1

Updated on Jul 13, 2009

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alrightbrittany on August 21
i want to try cracking a disposable camera, that sounds really cool! but, does it matter where the cracks are? i dont want to lose all of the pictures i took :/
lynelicious on August 12
i got a fisheye camera!! does that count??
mimoji on July 26
Underwater disposable cameras are also fun for summertime!
almost_blue on July 16
Next time I go to CVS for my extensive makeup haul (hehe, have to work on that) I'm definitely gonna pick up another disposable camera. I love those things, and they cost about as much as a Starbucks drink, so why not? And I love Polaroid cameras, I might ask for one for my bday... :D
Anj on July 16
i <3 my holga. really wanting a polaroid though :(
RazzleDazzleMe on July 15
I saw a bunch of disposable cameras at a wedding I went to. I kind of went crazy took lots of photos with them. I hope the bride and groom were happy with them.
Speedbump on July 14
Awesome! Makes me kinda want to get a disposable camera after all this time... I want to see the pics you take with them and compare what they look like. :D Show and tell!
blucrush1108 on July 14
I LOVE Urban's Fish eye cameras. I have taken tons of cool photos with them and they are still cheap to develop.
camera_lucida on July 14
It's got to be lomo for the summer :D
TeenUgly on July 14
Oh yeah, I had a lomo camera. It was just so expensive to process the film if you didnt do it yourself!
Lucymistletoe on July 13
Coooooooool! I really want to see your pictures!

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