Glee: A Study on How the Real World Sees Fashion

Updated on May 26, 2010

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tfzeng on August 04
kurt's mcqueens gave me a good laugh hahaha
nancyleigh on June 09
I can't stand this woman.
iiTZzMALiiA01 on June 06
I L0V3 H3R!! She is such a fashion daredevil
ajaangg on June 05
looove lady gaga!! <3
ekjrb on June 05
I love the ourfit from the grammys. Still the kermit coat is pretty cool since it represents not wearing fur and animal rights... <3
jumpingjellybean on June 04
I love the grammy outfit She's so creative. I enjoy how she's more focused on not fitting in than being like the rest of trashy mainstream hollywood and music. glee did an awesome job recreating her looks
Micaela on May 29
hahaha ?
toasteroutfits on May 29
gaga makes me laugh. very creative!
VintageMarie on May 29
I think people take fashion too seriously. There is nothing wrong with having a sense of humor about fashion !
i think glee's subtle and hilarious interpretation is to be lauded -- its both a pinch against and a push for the crazy artistic phenomena that exist in the fashion world today. love it and hate it, simultaneously.
notwithoutincident on May 27
haha! they do look like armadillos!! :D
libys11 on May 27
hahaha!!! i love that you really mentioned gaga on glee!!! yay!! i think the mc queen shoes were phenomenally copied! hahaha! :D
love herrr!!
honey72 on May 26
to me, her style is interesting always. But its a shame that it obscures her REAL musical talents...
anonymours on May 26
oh lady gaga. :P
Kirdy on May 26
Lady Gaga is fabulous. Hands down...and her outfits are incredible..whether or not someone chooses to see it as art or not is up to them but if they deem them as crap they're most def the most incredible pieces of crap known to man.
Lazycatstyle on May 26
And the people involved with fashion, is not people after all? Fashion means risk, edge `cause somebody needs to try something new on to make all this industry works. Maybe some Gaga`s outfits are ridiculous and are looking desperately for attention but i dear to say that the freedom to wear whatever we like is possible because of people like her.
Annebeth on May 26
fact is that fashion is so appealing to most of us "fashionistas" because we like to have fun with clothes: it's that simple! have fun, express yourself, mix it up, try and find individuality inspired by others... and never take it too serious. Gaga is amazing because she is INVOLVED. She goes all out and puts some effort into it.
Annebeth on May 26
she brings certain alternative things into the mainstream: pop for weirdos.
lydia on May 26
My best friend called the episode "Glee-ga"! I agree, I think sometimes people forget that some of us "fashion people" wearing things simply because they are silly.

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