VINTAGE 101: 1960's

Updated on Dec 21, 2010

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MyAlexasStore on March 25
Great article!
barrylou on December 19
ZiZi543 on August 28
love vintage! and love the 60s! :D
RumorlessThreads on December 26
L0ve it !
_marie_claire on December 24
loveee this :D vintage is amazing. <3
PeachyPanda on December 23
love the second look!
stickybun on December 23
twiggy is really cool! :)
KaylaMeow on December 22
Wow this is such a great post! You always have wonderful information! :D Keep it up! <3
irisanddaniel on December 22
The 60s is my favorite decade of style! The third additional photo has beautiful colors but seems a bit more 90s to me..
pgymnastchic411 on December 22
Twiggy was awesome!! You became a great style icon!!
WallflowerVintage on December 22
I like the looks you showcased - not so extreme in the vintage-ness. Updated and fresh. Well done (even though I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to vintage...) Oh, and I adore Twiggy and her 'Youthquaske' fashion sense. Bravo!
angelluv203 on December 22
CrystalBaller on December 21
I love this post! BUT I think you should do more research. Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. For example, the Vietnam war did not last 20 years it lasted 16 years. Going back to the 50's post..."the 1950’s reverted back to a traditional family structure". This nuclear family structure did not exist before the 50' was created in the 50's.
Pink_Champagne on December 22
Ohh it's totally all right! I'm glad that you weren't afraid to speak up! =)
CrystalBaller on December 22
Thank you for your response! Yes, I agree the Vietnam war dates are definitely debatable and the same goes with family structure...that also changes even within a decade depending on such things as class, ethnicity and location. I need to remember this isn't scholarly writing and using Wikipedia as a source is quite alright. I can't wait to read your next post!
Pink_Champagne on December 22
Thanks for your comments, CrystalBaller! The actual dates for the Vietnam war (as with a number of other wars) are debatable, depending on when you deem the war to have begun. This can hinge on what country you are reffering to; for example WWII was shorter for America than it was for the European forces, because American joined the war later on. It's the same with the Vietnam War. =) I decided to go along with what Wikipedia said as a general "safe route". As for the 1950's post, the people in the 1950's were reverting back to the traditional post-WWI structure. Family lifestyle during the Victorian and Edwardian period was very similar to 1950's lifestyle. The father went off to work (though in the pre-WWI era "work" could be defined by a wider variety of options other than "the office"), the mother stayed at home to look after the household, and the children attended school, or were taught at home. Hope that helped to clear up some of your disagreements! =)
magali on December 21
he thing I love most about the 60s is hippie fashion (and the overall culture). Love that Twiggy is the main picture here.
chyrelg on December 21
twiggy is really the poster girl of the 60's
Annebeth on December 21
I adore the sixties so this is right up my street!
Pink_Champagne on December 23
Thanks, Annebeth! I changed it. =)
Annebeth on December 21
disco is seventies btw :) (about the discobeat line)
KellyJoy on December 21
excellent post, fun read! 60's and 70's are my favorite eras for fashion. it all started with a box of clothes and accessories passed down to me from my aunt when i was 13.
F4SHI0N on December 21
1960's my favorite era,hands down!!i faved!
Reybeltane on December 21
great post! I love 60s style! my mom makes fun of me all the time for having a haircut she had back then :-)
londondude on December 21
Very nice blog entry! The 60's for me represents a lot of key things. From Micro skirts, bright colors, mod outfits, etc. This was in stark contrast to post war Britain with its gray and sepia brown palettes and its rather traditional fashions. Now I do love both eras, but the option to mix them up is great. And these posters have done that fabulously!

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