What to wear for New Years Eve

Updated on Dec 23, 2010

Comments (19)

melmo on January 14
my favorites are the 60's!
annieerch on December 30
Love this article
Pink_Champagne on December 28
i love your emphasis on the vintage here!
toadstoolring on December 26
love the 60s look!
cma0323 on December 26
and also no other decade but the 80s made women feel how its like to rock in an androgynous fashion=)
Annebeth on December 26
I agree, I think the eighties are awesome but they're just not ME :)
cma0323 on December 26
i was born in the 80s and i was waiting for the 80s to be in vogue again. thnaks to Balmania, the padded-shoulder look did make a very big comeback starting last year. i did wear a violet party dress with padded shoulder this holidays with a clean look and it was awesome. and regardless of the bad rep the 80s may have gotten, doesnt matter. no other decade made women wear the fiercest boots!!
maiu_bcn on December 25
I really enjoyed the article!! Good work!
maryiangge on December 25
awesome article!
crystaldots on December 24
WHAT A GREAT POST!!!! I really like the 80s one : D
katslovefashion on December 24
lovely post!
cityofbugs on December 24
great post annebeth, always an inspiration!
Bombonica on December 24
love the post - very interesting and inspiring!! here, the 70's is my favorite, probably because the way she posed...anyway cool post and Merry Christmas!
Style_Journey on December 24
really cool post, dear!! all those ladies look so romantic and feminine! Merry Christmas, dear and have a lovely holiday party!! :D <33 xx
iamliezyl on December 23
Love the article!!
MitziBlitz on December 23
Love this! For my New Years look, I'm thinking 80s... 50s for a party on Christmas night! Thanks for the great tips :D
SarahJaneR on December 23
Great article! I loved and agree with all of your choices for each decade. Great work. I am definitely feeling a more 70/80s vibe with my New Year's look.
BlueLove on December 23
This is a wonderful article. A reader can always tell when the writer does her research and puts time & effort in a piece and all of yours are always well thought out, well written and interesting. :) Happy Holidays!!
Annebeth on December 23
that is such a great compliment! thanks!! happy holidays to you too :)
HallieDaily on December 23
Wow,,,you are really talent girl! I am so impressed!
Reybeltane on December 23
this is an amazing post! I love vintage style. and I love that you've included ways to shop these looks :-) your articles are always SO GOOD!
Annebeth on December 23
MAJORLY flattered, thanks!

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