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Updated on Dec 27, 2010

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bay7 on January 21
Pretty cool!!
melmo on January 14
I'm not sure if I'll wear stick figure style, as my body shape is just not made for ti. But the fur trend is awesome as usual and I might try the 70s look.
fruti on January 01
I want to try out all the styles mentioned here because I'm more of a printed clothing kind of person. I'm looking forward to sleek and modern items in my closet! I love this article and it really informed me about this year's new fashion. Thanks a bunch :)
MissLauraHueto on January 01
my style resolution for 2011 is to try not to play safe anymore, and experiment with shapes, colours, layers... etc, but without going completely crazy and forgetting all sense of proportion, palette and texture combination... :) What i'm trying to say is that i'll try not to hide myself behind the jeans-and-a-t-shirt look anymore, but explore every other style within my reach!
EveyHoneysuckle on December 31
oooh, i love the "Mystery Machine." Scooby Doo is definitely a great show. I always wanted Velma's pleated skirt and Fred's ascot haha. I'm definitely going to have to invest in something as vibrant blue as those skirts and dresses haah
psykoKilla on December 28
Although I'm more of a casual look girl, I def hope to to be bold and tailored, like in "stick figure'
irisanddaniel on December 28
love how you're branching out! :) the casual look works for 2011 especially because modern fashion is about looking special without looking stuffy, keeping an air of lightness and ease is definitely 2011-chic.
anonymours on December 28
Pink_Champagne on December 28
i love the gold Chanel collection!
taylorjonas on December 28
chubbylumpkin on December 28
This was lovely to read! I am saving this page and keeping it in mind when I shop!
KaylaMeow on December 27
Chanel's fashion always makes me go crazy, they are all so fantastic and unique! But I love the outfit on the main photos that are by Michael Kors too! <3
crystaldots on December 27
Excellent Excellent Excellent. Also your new profiile pic is amazing.
crystaldots on December 27
Also I really enjoy Chanel's Pre-Fall. We certainly need some "gold" in our lives, it makes this economy look not so bad after all! ; P
zahra on December 27
aww, absolutely love this article! i love to see all the pics. my favorite is 'coated in fur" especially the burberry coat. so adorable!
Annebeth on December 27
you guys have such awesome photoshop and writing skills, I see you guys getting so far in life really! I always love love love your articles. And yes, the new default pic rocks!
irisanddaniel on December 27
wow! :D thanks so much annebeth, we really appreciate all of the wonderful compliments. :) we didn't even think of that, but it's true! the maximalist look of the collection worn in a casual way has been much in the style of top bloggers. good eye!
Annebeth on December 27
sorry for the hyperposting, but I just wanted to say that I'm absolutely in love with Karl Lagerfeld's pre-fall. Absolutely stunning in every way, and it reminded me of some styles that have been hot in the blogosphere for a while: karlascloset, seaofshoes and theglamourai all have these sort of layered, oppulent styles I love so much!
Annebeth on December 27
it looks like a logo, all professional :D
angiekje on December 27
omg just wanted to say: I LOVE THAT NEW DEFAULT PIC amazing articl too by the way!! faving :D What I will wear... definitely neon and I want shape :) think gaga :)
irisanddaniel on December 27
haha thanks so much :D new shapes and silhouettes are great, taking risks is very much in fashion :)

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