Updated on Jan 30, 2011
silver skinny jeans Miley & Max jeans - black shirt - black Converse sneakers -
Silver-skinny-jeans-miley-max-jeans-black-shirt-black-converse-sneakers- Silver-skinny-jeans-miley-max-jeans-black-shirt-black-converse-sneakers-
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katiemd 's Thoughts:

Hello! This is what I wore out to a frat party last night. We just go to dance since none of us really drink. I got this shirt for Christmas from and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to wear it. I knew I wanted to wear it the first night we went to a party this semester. I just paired it with my grey skinny jeans and comfortable shoes for dancing. I also didn’t want to wear anything nice since people are always spilling their drinks on the floor. I did get something spilled on my leg last night. I wore simple jewelry, my “K” necklace and two rings, my eyeball and my peacock. I also wore one of the bow hair clips I got for Christmas :) I really liked this outfit.

So, yesterday was a pretty good day. Garrett, my roommate (Caitlin) and I went to the dining hall for breakfast around 2 since we slept until 1pm. On our way back we were walking behind three Asian boys. They ended up going to our building and one of them held the door open for me and Caitlin and said “After you.” Omg it was so freaking cute! Garrett said he went in after us and didn’t hold the door for him, but the tall one of the three, who was also the hottest, held it for him lol. Apparently one of them lives on the first floor. That really made my day. I love when guys hold the door open for me. It’s so chivalrous! After that happened, we came back here and Garrett and I showered, then we had a shaving party. We always shave our legs together. After that I washed my comforter and we just lounged around until 9ish then we started to get ready to go out. We left here around 11 and danced the night away. Garrett and I left the party around 1 or 1:30am. We were really hungry then so we were going to make ramen when we got back, but I was so tired that I just chnaged into my pajamas, washed my makeup off, and layed in bed. We woke up around 12 today and went for breakfast. We didn’t see Tasian, but we did see somebody that looked like Eunhyuk from Super Junior! Now we are just lounging around. I’ll probably try to do some homework that’s due on Tuesday. If not, then I will just be playing tetris or Metal Gear Solid all day.

I hope you all had a nice weekend :)

Comments (5)

Demy22 on February 06
Love love love this blouse!! I seriously need it!!! this si so amazing!! I like how you styled it so simply!! Minimal is the best!!
katiemd on February 06
thank you! it's my new favorite shirt :D
crystaldots on February 05
Hello dear girl! You are super smart to wear comfortable shoes! I think that is the best (AND stylish choice) because when you wear heels and your feet start hurting, and you take those heels off... That is not stylish LoL! Btw, is the BEST!!!
katiemd on February 05
thank you! :) i always wear flats when i go to parties because i love to dance and my feet are always comfortable. and i love yesstyle so much!
ZaneZanite on January 30
love your top
katiemd on January 30
thank you :)
ReginaDiCuori on January 30
cute shirt!
katiemd on January 30
thank you :)
violetheart on January 30
so adorable x
katiemd on January 30
thanks :)
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