Updated on Feb 28, 2011
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katiemd 's Thoughts:

I really need to blog right now, so I thought it was the perfect time to post the pictures of my latest nail design: pandas! Aren’t they cute? I found pictures a while ago of panda tip nails and I was feeling like doing something simple, so I gave it a try. It’s not too hard and not very time consuming. I did them twice because the polish kind of fell off the first time (thanks to cheap nail polish). The second time I did them it didn’t take me too long and they came out looking pretty good :) Maybe I’ll do cat tips for thursday night! We’re going to see Cats, the musical! :D I’m so excited that I just thought of this idea. Now, if you don’t want to read about me complaining then you may stop reading after this paragraph :) Thank you! Have a nice day!

Now, onto more serious stuff. My roommate is crazy and I’m kind of honestly worried about her mental health. I don’t really feel like going into detail so I’ll just say that her and Garrett aren’t on speaking terms right now. I was just looking at her tumblr and I saw some posts that were kind of insane.

1. Garrett always says that he doesn’t like when fat girls wear leggings as pants (fat being huge, unhealthy, and obese). He also doesn’t like when any girls wear leggings and don’t cover their crotch. My roomie only wears leggings and is trying to lose weight. She isn’t somebody I would call fat at all. The first disturbing post on her tumblr that makes me feel like she needs help said this “So my friend always says that he hates girls that wear leggings as pants when they’re fat. It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable when he says this around other people when I’m there. I’m fat. I’m wearing leggings. Do I look like shit? Most definitely. But then again, I always look like shit, because I’m a fat f*ck that no one gives a sh*t about.” Like…what do you even say to this? Talk about self hate!

2. One day at dinner my roomie was saying how she loves eating these wraps at the dining hall because they’re only like 300 calories. Our friend who is a dietetics major said “I don’t think that’s right. I’m pretty sure they’re like 700 calories.” So, my roomie didn’t believe her and swore that the nutritional info at the wrap station said 300. Garrett and his friend went to check and found out that the wraps really are 777 calories. This is what she posted in her blog: “I HATE MY LIFE. FREAKING FRIENDS LIED TO ME. MADE ME EAT SOMETHING THAT WAS 777 CALORIES BOTH TODAY AND YESTERDAY- AND I HAD TWO YESTERDAY!! D’: I REALLY HATE TRYING TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT HEALTHILY!!!!” I really hope she’s not talking about any of us because none of us were telling her how many calories were in these wraps and none of us were making her eat them!

3. The last thing she said in her blog was this: “My “friends” are assholes. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the rest of college with them. They constantly put me down, and Ughhh there’s just nothing I can do!” We do not constantly put her down. All of us are always joking about each other and whenever we joke about her she gets pissed and takes it seriously. Garrett calls me a slut all the time! Does that mean I really am? No!

I cannot take this anymore! She’s transferring next semester so I am actually glad now. Before I was a little sad and thought I’d miss her, but not anymore. Now that I know what she really thinks about us. Ugh! I just needed to vent, so thank you if you actually read this post. Please have a nice day :)

Comments (2)

ReginaDiCuori on March 01
your nails are so cute!!!!!!!!!! :)
katiemd on March 01
thanks :D
Demy22 on March 01
Aw WOW your nails are amazing and so so so cute!!! :) You should try the cat thing, post some pics if it's done! :) About your roomie, is she crazy? Seriously now, maybe she has some kind of mental problem...I don't know what I would do in such a situation.I would def be pissed off and I would reject her, but maybe her life is too crap Something for her self confidence? That could be a solution...
katiemd on March 01
thank you :) and i will! i definitely think she has low self confidence and she has been a little depressed lately, which is why she is transferring to a school closer to her home. i'm trying to get my friends to get together and talk to her calmly so we can figure out something so we can all be civil with each other
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