Boys Will Be Girls: Andrej Pejic

Updated on Mar 12, 2011

Comments (11)

fuglygirlonthebench on September 23
wow! gorgeous face structure! he is truly amazing...
JyaDi on March 15
wow he really is beautiful. haha i remember thinking how hot natalie portman was (and is!!) when her hair started to grow back
Annebeth on March 15
if they let 14 year old girls play pretend like they're adult glamazons, why can't a boy play that role? I don't see the problem. I find the first case a lot more disturbing to be honest :D
Champagne on March 14
The first time I saw him, all I could think was goregous.
EveyHoneysuckle on March 14
wow, i absolutely love this man now. I fershure thought that was a chick haha. Well as long as he's having fun shaking the fashion world, I'm happy haha :)
Ra_Ra_Rabbit on March 14
what an inspiration! Loved this!
annabel_lee on March 14
oh, i have to thank u so much for this! i adore this guy, i see him being somewhere between barbie and ken:-* gorgeous sexy thing and a gorgeous soul and mind too:) besides, he has a sweet attitude and i luv that!:)
AndrejPage on March 13
Nice article! My fave part: "If we let other people dictate who we should be and how we should live our life, it’d be a sad world."
dontwakeme on March 13
wow what a beautiful man! :O and the style is amazinggg :)
Temarigirl on March 13
Good article! I admire Andrej for expressing himself freely and doing what makes him happy.
headbandit on March 13
Wow....he is unbelievably pretty...

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