Q&A with Chictopia Style Icon: KaitlynRickson

Updated on Mar 16, 2011

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opfiend on March 29
Love this girl's style!
EyreEffect on March 25
She's so adorable, and I loved reading this interview! It's really fun to watch someone from the start (I remember her first photo!) and see them become the style icon they should be!
sequinpeaches on March 23
so cute! great job!
heyitscrichel on March 22
really great post you have!!! she is adorable and very unique!! =)
glamourvixen on March 22
Such an awesome post. Great job!
VixieVaporous on March 22
I love this post, Crystal. Great entry. She deserves to be Style Icon :-) I'm also impressed with the way she writes. Thanks for featuring her, a truly inspiring lass.
charchelle27 on March 21
great writing dear, oh and i added u as a friend on fb ;)
crystaldots on March 22
thank you! I will post a comment up soon ^^.
anonymours on March 20
Squarectomy on March 20
Adore her! She's so fun. Love Grace.
pinklemonincrystal on March 19
great styles :)
mariachuvachu on March 19
great interview!!!congratulations to both of you :)
jeroy on March 18
She deserve this!! I love her style, She's like a Doll! Thankyou WaterMoolen. :) Your the best xxxxx
crystaldots on March 18
Thank you Jeroy for reading! I love her style, too. She does look like a doll especially in MJ brand!
LauraTenshi on March 18
Thank you so much for the feature, I am glad you chose one of my questions for your interview, which is awesome btw. Kaitlyn has a great, fun style and I had fun looking through her looks.
crystaldots on March 18
Hey Laura, no problem : D. Your question was fun and innovative! Def. proves that you don't need to lack style just because you lack the dough.
folle_femme on March 18
Kaitlyn has such an interesting and fun style!..You've done a great job with the interview..but I still miss your outfits posts!
Demy22 on March 17
WOW WOW!!!! A huge round of applause!! That was one of the most beautiful interviews I have ever read!! Now I just love this awesome girl more! I like that we have the chance to meet this people and to get to know them a little better!! Really amazing job! :)
crystaldots on March 18
Hi Demy, thank you for your round of applause. I swear, you are probably one of the few Chictopians who give out really great comments! Thanks ^^
Shaniqua1071 on March 17
This is such a great article crystal and I loved kaitlyn style from the beginning on chictopia, she is so inspiring and unique. Thank you so much for featuring me :)!!!!!
crystaldots on March 18
Hi Shaniqua, thanks for asking the question ^^, I figured that you are one of her big fans! She enjoyed this article so much. Thank you for reading : ).
soopernifty on March 17
She is so unique, I really love her style. She comes across as a lovely person in the interview too! :) <3
crystaldots on March 17
Thank you, sooperniffy! Yeah, I really dig her style as well. She has a great personality, too!
lolaloa on March 17
great interview, i love her pics and style, she is amazing, and i really like her tips on snapping a good photo brilliant, chic+1
crystaldots on March 17
Thank you!

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