Avoid the Overshare: Managing Your Online Identity

Updated on May 02, 2011

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sheilamdenison on July 25
These are all either no brainers
M_Petillant on June 03
I think about this a ton when tweeting. I use my personal twitter for my blog, and was thinking "im I telling too much information" I think once i started doing that I started losing followers that i worked so hard to get on my blog. This is a great article and I think i'll be soaking up all of this advice.
F4SHI0N on May 27
great article-i try to keep as secure as possible!
stylenomad on May 27
A very original and insightful article. I always let my posts stay as a draft for a couple of days to make sure I can take some time off to just rethink of what I wrote. Not to over edit it but to make sure I don't spill my guts out! I think that really helps in writing less 'emo' blog posts! all in all, I try to stay more positive and say something encouraging.
This is a really important article! More people need to take note! The stuff you talk about on your style blog really does give readers an accurate impression of who you are!
breee on May 26
I think I've broken like, 7 of those guidelines. Time for an 'about me' edit!
obrien1513 on May 26
a little to outragous for me haha
crystaldots on May 17
This is truly a great article. I totally feel you regarding about now exposing yourself too much. You can be easily searched with one click.
Freesiablog on May 15
Great article!
anonymours on May 07
angrycloud on May 02
great post, always good to keep on mind~ Thank you

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