How to Care for Sensitive Skin

Updated on May 04, 2011

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Shasie on August 04
I've just noticed that some types of jewelry are making me itch. I used to be able to wear all kinds of "costume" jewelry with no issues, but I hope I won't have to convert to sterling silver only...
Rockstardina on May 31
Hi...this is in response to your answer...glycolic acid can irritate sensitive skin. Are you looking for face washes or creams/lotions? I am looking for face washes and moisturizers...I'm in my early 30's and am looking for anti-aging formulas. I currently use oil of olay for sensitive skin, clean and clear or aveeno products for cleansers and moisturizers. Thanks!
Chocosioco on May 24
thanks for posting!
crystaldots on May 31
hey choco, thanks for reading!
Rockstardina on May 18
Thanks! I did not know Glycolic Acids were bad for your face...are there anti-aging skin products without these acids???
crystaldots on May 31
Hi, for some reason my messaging system can't get through to some people, but yah glycolic acid can irritate sensitive skin. Are you looking for face washes or creams/lotions?
DelightfulDecember on May 17
My gosh, thanks! I sometimes use rice water to wash my face. What do you ladies think? :D
crystaldots on May 31
Rice water has been a long tradition, and my grandma used to do that, too!
ellsee on May 17
Even with brands like Clinique, you need to look at the ingredients. Some of their products contain Bismuth Oxychloride (also found in many "Mineral" makeups) which is known to sometimes trigger allergic reactions.
crystaldots on May 31
Hi ellsee, you bring up a perfect point on looking at the ingredients (which brings us back to point 2). There are people who are allergic to certain ingredients, and yes, while the product may say "hypoallergenic," one can check the ingredient list to make sure!
purplebooties on May 17
What about Smashbox? Are their products safe for sensitive skin?
kirstinmarie on May 17
Excellent post!!!
crystaldots on May 31
Thanks Kristin!
feekaane on May 14
Do you know what oil is best used for the face? (besides jojoba oil) Thanks!
Squarectomy on May 13
Lush Cosmetics skin care. Totally chemical free. The only thing that hasn't negatively affected my skin!
AtikaMJ on May 10
great article. thanks for sharing :)
hautemuze on May 10
ooo this is good stuff! thanks crystal! :)
liluchious on May 09
Thanks for sharing! very useful babe :) CHIC!!
ohlivia on May 08
Wow, I didn't even know I had sensitive skin but I totally have the Botox-after-cleaning effect. Thanks so much!
crystaldots on May 08
ur welcome!
purplewang on May 06
This is a great post Crystal! As for sunblock I like Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry Touch. That stuff is MAGIC. Not very greasy and comes with really high SPF. I've recommended it to friends and they all love it. For make-up I like Physician's Formula Tinted Moisturizer (only worn sometimes because too much liquid is so irritating) and Bare Minerals. Clinique's yellow lotion is great.
crystaldots on May 06
thanks amethyst! hmm, that would be a great idea! i've tried the physicians formula tinted moisturizer (i don't know why they don't put an apostrophe in their brand) but i found it too orange, maybe they should make it in different shades bc their formula is great.
purplewang on May 06
There's so much random crap I've bought that I used once and never used again. Maybe a future post on throwing out old and never used cosmetics next? Haha.
Notsoinnocent on May 06
Great post!! Interesting to read. Thanks :)
Mesmerize87 on May 04
great article:)
kss_23 on May 04
I love this article. I, too have sensitive skin and I use hypoallergenic stuff from Neutrogena. They're very effective on me. Thanks for these tips! I think I'll try on the Neutrogena sunblock. :D
crystaldots on May 04
ya! nuetrogena offers a great variety of hypoallergenic stuff, some not so good on my skin while others are great. i guess it's all really trial and error sometimes!
Jen_A on May 04
Great post!!! Thanx :* +1
crystaldots on May 04
hi jenifer! thanks : )
NanaHoshino on May 04
l have very sensitive skin too. Great article!!
crystaldots on May 04
hi nana, thanks so much! i didn't know you had sensitive skin.
Embellishgirl on May 04
I always do frangrance free in everything! There's already enough chemicals in every product. I worked in cosmetics for a couple years and always had watery eyes from all the fumes! Another tip I learned is that a lot of cosmetics are virtually the same, you are just paying more for packaging!
crystaldots on May 04
i try to do fragrance-free everything on my face since it's sensitive compared to the rest of my body. when i do get fragrance stuff for my face, i literally see if the fragrance ingredient is near the bottom of the ingredient list (so that it it is less irritating!). thanks for ur tips - pretty packaging sucks people into buying!!
heyitscrichel on May 04
im using almay concealers and i really love them!! they're really good for sensitive skin!! and yeah, i remove my make at night before going to bed with petroleum jelly!! yes petroleum jelly it is! i once heard that Tyra Banks uses petroleum jelly to remove her make up and after that, i always do the same! trust me, i can easily remove the eyeliners and eye shadows without irritating my skin!
Jila on May 07
yeah, i use vaseline to take off my eye makeup and lipstick. works perfectly. i somewhat recently developed eczema on my face, so i do use witch hazel. but i use thayers alcohol free + aloe witch hazel toner (which also smells like lychees, which is a total plus). it kind of sucks to have 3 of the 4 issues in this article and then some, but what can you do? lol
crystaldots on May 04
wow, petroleum jelly! that's pretty cool, does it clog pores? i use "sensitive - extra thick" baby wipes (fragrance-free + aloe vera!). they work wonders!
Style_Journey on May 04
l have very sensitive skin on my eyelids so l can't use make-up. l changed many mascara tubes and eye shadows because they all make me feel like my eyes are burning and l can't keep them opened anymore... :( it's so annoying!! great article as always, dear!! <3 really enjoyed this! ++1 xx
crystaldots on May 04
I didn't know you had sensitive skin, but I totally know what you mean about those dang mascara tubes... they can be soo stingy to the eyes!

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