How To Be a Successful Fashion Blogger

Updated on May 20, 2011

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simplyseips on March 16
Really well written! Great advice Ellie!
RealWorldEveryDay on December 17
thank you for this article. got some really good points. at the end of the day, it takes a lot of effort to be a fashion blogger. my hats off to the top tier ones. they deserve all that came their way.
ruijunluong on November 27
Great tips indeed, but it's logic I guess. ;)
MariaAlyssa on September 22
nice tips!
CHEAPwelcome on September 08
jennilove122 on August 29
Great article. thanks for all the tips you help me a lot. :)
SantoshMishra on July 05
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RichaSharma on February 21
great article
fabulousfashionista on February 04
Very helpful! Thank you!
newtoview on November 07
Super help! :D
debiparna_c on August 04
my angle is feeling comfortable in your skin no matter what you a plus size girl i realise body issues and i also know even smaller sizes have issues.
ninety2wo on August 01
Very interesting article, and very well written. Kudos!
FashionTrendsMore on July 31
great article<3
tyronica on July 27
love this article :)
SuzeV on July 12
this really does help. So, thank you.
Happi2bNappie on June 20
For those us that are just starting out, such as myself, I thought it had some really useful information. I look foward to putting these tips to use, so I can really put myself out there!! Xoxo
ninamaya on June 17
great article. well said x
Vintajay on June 14
Going into my favorites folder! thanks for a another genius post
TheBlondeMuse on June 12
This is so true, love this post! I'll keep this in mind! xo
Universeandyou on June 11
Usefull article ! And amazing tips ! So let's do it!
razzel on June 09
this really got me into fashion
whitley on June 06
Wow i didn't know There was such a desire for affordable fashion! Can you all list your blogs so I can check them out pretty please!!
CouturePetite on June 04
Great article, thank you! You reignited my fire. <3 <3
Ferris82 on June 03
Great tips! I feel lucky that I work for a marketing company and have all the resources at my fingertips :) Just launched my new blog - Frugalicious: The Frugal Fashionista's BFF! My niche is that everything I post is $100 or under, so all my readers know that whatever I talk about will always be under $100!
IlanaMorgan on June 02
great post it is definitely hard but I enjoy blogging whether people want to read my blog or not. Of course it would be great to be loved one day though :)
turquoisepassion on June 02
one thing I think also worth mentioning: Your blog NAME! Think long and hard about the NAME and URL of your blog as it influences SEO/Branding/a lot of other things that I never thought about when I started MY blog...and now I'm regretting it! If I were to start it all over I would definitely have picked a different blog name and gotten a DSLR with a good lens from the start. :)
espantaja80 on June 02
great post!!! i have a blog for six months and the article inspire to continue...
ForeverYong on June 02
Great post! It totally inspired and motivated me to get back into blogging. :)
LaCitadine on June 02
Great article, thanks!! I think I'm on the right path!
aquadisiacinlove on June 02
This goes for any blog! great post!
jevonsalis on June 02
starting a fashion blog is hard work! who knew?! :))) i do mine on a budget (all my clothes are thrift, vintage or from the sales rack! stop by and check it out! you won't be disappointed :)))
Senta on June 02
Great post! I definitely do so many things wrong too... I'm having my blog for half a year now, but didn't get much readers... NowI know some reasons why ;) By the way, what do you think: Is it better to start a new blog or to try reanimating the actual one after a spontaneos posting-pause?
Narmina on June 02
Absolutely agree with Myblondegal! Great article! I have a blog already for 3 years but I definitely do many things wrong!
Myblondegal on June 02
This is so true~! I wish I read this article last year before starting a blog, I could have avoid a lot of mistakes I `ve done before find the right way of blogging :)
FrancescaBelluci on June 02
Great post and tips! Thanks
Beeswonderland on June 02
This is just the thing we all needed!Thanks a lot!;)
teribi on June 01
this is great!
OnTheGanges on May 31
This post is definitely helpful. I blogged about my daily life on livejournal for years but when I switched to Blogger for my personal style, it was definitely akin to culture shock. I had to learn a lot of these points the hard way, and this post is a good checklist to remind myself of the dos and don'ts of blogging.
Simplizers on May 30
:) BIg smile on my face now. You help to confirm my real attitude toward blogging Hope I can work it out on my way. Nice to see your post.
Really interesting, thanks for the tips :)
jonathanwilsonart on May 24
Great post. Thanks, it's a big help!
Great post!
ItsClaudia on May 24
nice post
Maryleen on May 24
Great overview, this blog post is fantastic! Thanks! :)
meelusha on May 24
great post! thanks a lot!
pandaphilia on May 23
this is a great article :) ! photos may make the blog but good actual text on your posts makes for readership!
Maria_Elyse on May 23
Awesome post! Thanks! And for those who are struggling with taking good outfit photos, or just photos in general for their blog, just go off of this checklist: good lighting, clear focus on your subject (aka, a clean setting or background), and that you can see all of what you're photographing. And remember that you CAN edit the photos and add effects. :)
morgsmorgan on May 23
Great post! fascinating! Ive been wanting to start a blog for ages to help raise awareness and funds for kids in jiquilisco near my hometown....maybe I'll be able to do that soon with this info!
maryiangge on May 23
great article!
cuttlefish on May 22
Thank you for writing this article and all of the advice. And calling all of us out on obsessing over Rumi's and Chiara's blogs was hilariously too true! xo
whitley on May 22
Its hard to find a great photographer for CHEAP as well as being able to afford the lavish lifestyle of the brands we all love. I wish someone would make a blog dedicated to the average woman who only wants to spend a max of $60. It all looks nice but im a student and 465 jumper is out of pocket :(
danie90 on June 18
i tend to take my own photos or ask close mates to for me, thats the easiest way to get a photographer i find but not the most talented ..PS i live in shops like primark, peacocks, oxfam & the like.. only time i go in in N.Look or Select is in 50% sales ETC ..deffo saves me a fortune & they'r good clothes too..
turquoisepassion on June 02
agreed. My fashion blog is mostly thrift/forever 21/asos/other inexpensive brands if you're interested in checking out...
Beeswonderland on June 02
Totally agree,it's easy to have a successful blog when you're wearing Chanel,cheers to all my girls wearing only H&M and vintage;-)
Hewp on May 24
Check out other people's blogs. (Care to check out mine? Just starting out though) You'll be surprised to see that there are a lot of people who look super awesome in relatively less expensive clothing :D
whitley on May 23
Thanks Ellie I will definitely check it out!! I appreciate the comment back!
EllieEckert on May 22
I totally understand. Most of my clothing is from H&M, thrift shops, and on sale from different places. You should check out which is one of my favorite blogs to find awesome pieces for a more affordable price :)
JyaDi on May 22
great article! i'm tempted to start my own as a summer project
SweetnSassy on May 22
Love the suggestions!
sheissishi on May 22
great post. i'm so gonna try it. real soon. thanks dear.. :)
lemuria on May 22
the picture is so dreamy ..
LelaZivanovic on May 21
excellent post,really enjoyed reading!;)
miedina on May 21
Love this quotation: “When you’re a blogger you also need to be a photographer, stylist, graphic designer, coder, writer, model & marketing guru.” These advice are great for a new blogger like me, thanks (:
Embellishgirl on May 20
Great article and loving the cover picture!!
thriftjuice on May 20
Great advice! Thanks!

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