Bra Size: 5 Signs You're Not Wearing the Right One

Updated on May 24, 2011

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Graceg on July 30
Hey, I'm on my sisters account, but anyway, I'm 14. I've been a 32A in my bras, but I think it's time for a new size. I'm super scared to get measured though, I don't really want to take my clothes off and and scared that I'll be told I'm still an A
CarminaVillamizar on July 27
I am a bra fitter at a department store. I recommend you visit a department store such as Nordstrums and get bra fitted. There you can try on the size and different styles. A bra should always fit snug on the first hook, remember that a bra stretches with wear and tear. The side wire should be right on the hard part of the side never on your soft tissue. Don't be shy.
Big_blue_eyes on July 26
Hello!! I'm 14, and am too scared to get fitted...^-^!! I wear a 32 or 34 C, but I think it's too small as my friend has 32C but is tiny compared to mine...Or she's lying....I think the latter as I've seen her bra....ANYWAY!! I have stretch marks on my breasts, and I don't know if I should be wearing a 36C, or a 32D?!?! It's expensive to buy both to try it, and I can't try them on there...HELP!!
AdrianaQuinn on July 03
I'm only 12 almost thirteen, only 4'11 and I just tired a B 32 (used to wear A 32) and it was soo much more comfortable. The kids bras were even too tight and the women's A was ok... But it still felt a little tight. With the B it's so much more comfortable and I have sooo much more coverage on my boobs. But the weird thing is is that none of my friend my height/weight (I'm only 95!) wear a B cup!
NoellePasquir on July 22
You know what? I'm a 30DDD, and I weigh 120 and am 5'2". You might be a 30 or even a 28 band, since you're so slim right now. You can find your size by measuring under your breasts, rounding to the nearest even number (band measurement), and then measuring at the widest part of your breasts while bending over. Subtract the band from the bust, and the difference is your cup size. 1= A 2=B 3=C, etc.
Rabieskitten on October 19
I was just fitted today after having horrid back pain over the last year and a half. I forgot how much that can relate to bra size. I was wearing a 34B but found out that I better fit either a 34C or a 32D; i went with the later simply because the cup size as well as the snugness of the band size suited me much better. The band was way too loose. Thank you--I now know I'm not alone in this battle!
WildCatt on August 20
I plan on getting fitted soon, thanks for the article. Only thing that worries me is I'm already a C, hope they don't decide I'm a bigger cup size! haha
ilike on December 06
I was already a 34 C and i went in to get fitted and i found out i was a 30DD or 30DDD depending on the brand, haha so you know it actually made me feel better about myself idk that's just me though
Terrafirma on May 30
nice article
vogueaddict on May 04
Has anyone seen True&Co yet? I have seen it pop up in my Facebook newsfeed a few times and I am just curious to see if anyone has tried it and might have some feedback? The idea looks intriguing but I am curious to see how it really works...
TamQuoia on April 01
Schrunchkin on March 14
i really dont think that site is accurate i mean im a 38 b it says im a 38 D ummmmm i dont think so i fit perfectly in my bras
sweetpease on November 07
I used to measure people, it's so easy. If you have a cloth ruler, all you do is measure underneath your boobs around, the amount of inches is your number in the bra size. Then measure the with from the roundest part of your breasts across. subtract these two numbers. Say you measured 36" 32"=4 " this is your cup size. it goes as following; 1 inch= a cup. 2 inches= b cup. etc. c: making you a 36 d
xilcanopapaya on October 06
This is a rather helpful article! Thank you very much for the infos!
shennie87 on September 08
I definitely need to get measured! Thanks for the article!
DelightfulDecember on July 22
Ehhhhh I'm kinda shy, I'm even too shy to make a hair appointment. But thanks for the article!
cherryberry0088 on June 21
OMG!! This article reached out to me personally lol but no seriously im going to get fitted
xenii on June 20
That's so true, I live in Australia, and our sizes are 8,10,12,14,16 and so on..and I used to wear a 12C..until I went in for a bra fitting that is!!! I got fitted and immediately went to an 8DD....I was also like DD?? Giirrrrrrl yeah right :P haha. I should have guessed I wasnt a 12, I wear size 6 and 8 clothes! DUH :P but I didn't think that logically
alexandreah on June 16
Great article! this is sooo very important for women! unfortunately it gets overlooked frequently :/ I'm so glad you did an article on this! women need to be aware. thank you! :)))
kmd1_123 on June 15
thanks thats helpful!
music56765 on June 13
i thought i was either a 34 A or 34 B but when I got measured at a jcpenney bra event they said i was a 36 B! I think my size changes a lot throughout the year, though.
JaimeLynn on June 11
helpful, no more backaches
MariaAlyssa on June 09
This article is what I need! Thank you for writing this <3
Bombonica on June 08
great article!! very useful!
opfiend on June 05
Thanks for the article!
FeathersandGlamour on June 02
Amen to this article! I'm used to be so guilty of wearing the wrong size. Sometimes we wear the wrong size, because the right size isn't in stores! I am a natural 30ddd, and I can't believe there was a time I thought I belonged in a 36D. If you are a hard to find size go to Seriously, I get all my stuff there because I can't find my size in the states. Free shipping there/back :)
CarminaVillamizar on July 27
Natori, Wacoal and Chantelle carry 30 back sizes.
alishaisabel on June 02
I am a bra fitting specialist at Bras N Things in Australia, almost everybody that walks into the store finds out that they are wearing the wrong bra size, and sometimes it can even take some convincing to get them to believe me. But once you start wearing a correctly fitting bra, you actually look slimmer and your body figure is more streamline.
sugarcherry on June 02
I've had a fitting done at several different stores (including VS and Gap Body) and they all give me different numbers - most of them I know are wrong! Through trial and error, I've found that I'm a 32C. The only problem I have is the gore not lying flat. I think this is because the construction of the bras - my boobs are way closer together than the bras allow, so there's extra fabric in between.
mimoji on June 02
BEST EIU POST EVERRR!! I've been looking for the perfect "what's wrong with my bra?" checklist online and this has everything! Recently I tried going down a band size and thought that maybe the company that I bought from had sizing issues, but I neglected to go up a cup size! For whatever reason it's stupid-hard to find 32C bras online (only have VS where I live and their prices are horrendous!)
CarminaVillamizar on July 27
When you do sister sizes I highly recommend you try it on because if have a small rib cage and the brand runs true to size or big it will not work.
jillywilly on June 02
PS, VS has a semi-annual sale that goes on twice a year. The next one starts the third week of June. But if you wait until the end of the sale, you can find bras for only $12.99!
jillywilly on June 02
There is something called a sister size that you can try. It is going up in your band size and down in your cup size, or vise versa. Since 32C is a harder size to find, I would suggest also trying a 34B, which is the sister size to a 32C. Its more common as a 32C too!
SabrinaCase on June 02
Yep, I got measured off a whim one day, always wore a B cup, people would tell me I had big breasts but I didn't believe them, so I got measured and was two cup sizes small! Makes a big difference.
kateorsini on June 02
The thing is, I can pull my band more than an inch. But like most women, skinny or fat, I have weak back muscles and really hate the look of a strap cutting into my back. I guess the only solution is hitting the rower at the gym, huh?
AtikaMJ on June 02
great advice! :))
ixiko on June 02
I just bought new bras.. Why didnt I read this earlier? LOL Thanks for such great advice!
SugarPlums on June 02
Great article, I'm definitely going to VS's for a bra fitting.
FeathersandGlamour on June 02
I used to work at VS, and their way of measuring is not good :/ I'd recommend Nordstroms if you have one nearby. They got me in the correct size. :)
shoneiza on June 02
why aren't you in Pune, India???????? I need a victoriaa secret store in my city pleaseeeeeeeeee
Moggie on June 02
This is the best bra sizing chart I've ever come across. It tells you exactly what size bra you should wear based on your measurements. I think most every woman would be surprised.
ggabourel on June 02
Awesome article, it really helped me :) Thanks girl!
DinaSBurroughs on June 02
So what are you supposed to do when you're essentially a AA cup and have a 28" rib circumference? I swear, I'm like a 12 year-old boy up top. VS's Miracle Push-Up with about 2 inches of extra padding is the only thing that fills me out to proportionate. I'm wearing as small as I can get now, 32AA, but sometimes I think I should just wear pasties.
deniseolondriz on June 04
i'm having the same problem! i can only get a 32A here and somehow i feel that it's still too big (band size and cup size)
Moggie on June 02
How can you wear a bra with band size 32 if you actually measure 28''? There are bras with band size 28 out there, you know. And I bet you wouldn't be an AA either, if you wore the correct band size.
StreamCK on June 02
This article just reminded me of one episode in Sex and the city where Miranda fianlly gets the appropiate bra size! It turns out i'm wearing the wrong bra too :( but now I know! Thnaks for the helpful advice!
GemFR on June 02
Thanks ! This article was so helpfull and I too am way off on my bra size.
Senta on June 02
Thanks for that useful article! Sadly you don't find 30D bras here in shops (and if so I can't afford them), only online -.-'
alexandreah on June 16
I have the same problem >.<
Phoenixxx on June 02
Great article. I wore the wrong bra for years, luckily I realized that it could create some problems not only on an aesthetic level. It was a saving!
JusticePirate on June 02
I used to wear a B cup for the longest time even though I could easily fit into an A cup, but I wanted to be bigger. Unfortunately it was getting annoying. Then after I had kids (going up to a DD as I would get sized throughout that time) and finished nursing, I resized myself many times and always got an A cup measurement. To be sure I got sized and was in fact an A. I like it though!
29Skirts on June 02
This is really important: "Bra sizes are inconsistent between different brands." You have to try a lot of bras on and know how a bra should fit. I wore the wrong size for years (34C) and after measuring and many try-ons, I have discovered that 32D Calvin Klein bras in particular are best for me. My measurements are 28 around the rib cage, 34 around the bust. CK has smallish cups, hence the D.
29Skirts on June 02
Actually, most bra size calculators will ask you to add 4 or 5 inches to your rib cage measurement to get your U.S. bra band size. (Bra sizes differ by country as well.)
Moggie on June 02
Well, if you are really 28 around the ribcage, then there is no way you are wearing the right size with band size 32. That's like two sizes bigger than you need.
athena103181 on June 02
*sigh* Looks like I need a new bra. Just wish the quality ones weren't so expensive
blumoon on June 02
hellovickyz on June 02
AnniBricca on May 27
While the article is in support of Wacoal, the photos and your URL advertise a Victoria's Secret bra. That seems wrong. Wacoal makes beautiful bras, why haven't you shown one? VS bras are not on a par with Wacoal, their construction flimsy and their sizing vanity based. You'll not get a true size with VS, but you will with Wacoal. They're the gold standard in construction, fit and sizing.
kateorsini on June 02
It may be because the VS model is wearing a ridiculously oversized bra. If you've seen that model in a gown or in street clothes, youd see she's around a 32b! Plus that bra is just silly looking. Enough padding to block a speeding bullet.
ClassynSassy on May 27
wow i did not know all of these facts. helped alot! :)
GennaLee on May 27
Great info! The image on the side is a clear example of someone wearing the wrong bra size :P
KaylaMeow on May 27
very nice article ! great tips !
hazhench on May 26
nice! thanks for sharing this
hazhench on May 26
maryiangge on May 26
thanks for sharing this! now i need to get a professional bra fitting!
obrien1513 on May 26
great article its right no one wears the right size or style for there body or top
Moggie on May 26
The problem with in-store bra fitting is that in most stores, they actually have no clue what they're doing. That's even true for stores like Victoria's Secret. Most of the time, they will measure your chest and then suggest a bra with the exact same band size as the size they actually measured on your body. Your brand size should be at least 2 and up to 6 inches smaller than what you measured.
jingjing on June 02
Wow, I never knew this! The one time I ever got a fitting was at Victoria's Secret, but they measured me over my clothes, and now I'm skeptical that I'm wearing the correct size!
MiuSan on May 26
I think I have had all of these problems while fitting! ofc I don't buy them, but it shows how much different brands vary! I must have like 3 different sizes on my bras, so they fit properly.
FashionFairytale on May 25
thanks for the tips!
Lyosha on May 25
great post!
BrynnCarter on May 25
Thanks! Before I got measured for my wedding dress, I was wearing a 36 B. When I was measured, my seamstress told me a was a 30 C. Whoops! Sadly, I can't find any bras that are actually that size. The closest I was able to find was a 34 C. Still, Having a smaller band and larger cup has still made a world of difference, even though it isn't exact.
Moggie on May 26
Online shopping is your best bet. Check out Currently, they are carrying about 140 bras in your size.
Lyosha on May 25
you are so right! have the same problem all the time!
itswendycloset on May 25
thanks for the post! it's very helpful.
bananagirlrocks on May 25
helpful! thnx :)
CherokeeLondon on May 25
Thanks for posting! I recently had a bra fitting (at JCPenny) and I definitely had too large of a band. I've only ever been fitted twice (didn't know you should do it once a year). Once I found out what I was I went straight to VS and bought myself some new bras. Just make sure that when you get fitted, that you have someone who is seasoned in the field. Some have NO idea what they're doing.
Aprilfrances on May 25
katiecosette on May 25
great article! these were some really useful tips. thanks. :)
DropAnvils on May 25
for the longest time i thought i was a 34B.... then I went fitted at VS and they told me i was a 34C. I'm still not sure thats right....... but whatever.
accordingtoannika on May 25
This was such an interesting read! I've never had a professional bra fitting but a couple of years ago I found this website where you got advice on how to measure yourself and then they calculated your bra size for you. I got the EXACT same result as Purplewang - since I always thought I have no boobs, I'd just figured I'd had to be an A. I laughed for ten minutes, then went to a lingerie store...
Elefanteamore on May 25
Very true, I always had thought of myself as a full A. Went in, and turns out i'm a 34 C
cakelake on May 25
really useful! thanks!
rebeccajane on May 25
Great piece! Some seriously useful info here!
EveyHoneysuckle on May 25
Omg, this is SO useful! I always thought I had to be a 32A because I'm an A for sure and I only ever see 32 as the smallest. In reality, when I wear 32s, I'm ALWAYS on the last hook :( That means I'm a 30A... which means I need to go to special places now to get proper bras haha. Walmart doesn't sell 30s (or at least I never see them XP) However it does make me happy now.
Moggie on May 26
You are definitely not 30A, simply because when you go down a band size, you have to go up a cup size, otherwise the bra won't fit. So if you're wearing a 32A bra and the cups fit, it means that going down to band size 30, you should wear at least a C cup.
ItsClaudia on May 25
great post
pandaphilia on May 25
this is a great post! thanks :) i was fitted once at VS and they told me i was a 30A without measuring. do they just assume that about you if you're petite and asian? make sure your professional actually knows what they're doing. i am not a 30A xD

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