Pippa Middleton: Style Icon or Hyped Royal Sister?

Updated on May 25, 2011

Comments (17)

barrylou on December 26
she's very pretty!
dee84 on June 03
She's the random sister of the random girl who married a prince... both are pretty and maybe very full of qualities but it should be all about Kate, is not like she accomplished anything amazing and the media is making her an Icon. that's absurd.
lizzified on May 30
I do prefer kate's style, but pippa is stylish in her own way - not an icon though
Kayyy on May 29
her dress for the wedding was beautiful
JyaDi on May 29
she has a really cute smile, but her sister is more of a style icon than she is, for good reason too. who else makes dresses fly off the rack?
AnnaVenturi on May 29
she is quite quite quite average (and her fablet buttocks are plain normal, imho). whate really amazes me is that PIPPA is italian term for male masturbation! each time someone talks about her here in Italy, people laughs. how can someone be called PIPPA! Would you call someone "wank"?
DEARcarmy on July 24
LOL. you learn something new everyday !
headbandit on May 30
Ahh, that is quite funny! I wonder if she knows that?
wino86 on May 29
both Kate and Pipa are attractive and I think Kate even more but styke icons? Nah, not yet
mlcarlson on May 29
hyped royal sister. she was dressed for the wedding, it wasn't even her pick!! sure she looked great in it, but i'm sure that's all personal trainer. she's got money, and she looks good. that doesn't mean she's an icon. she's got good style, but so do a lot of girls whose sisters aren't marrying a prince!
pandamarie on May 29
Icon status? Not quite yet. Icon potential? That dress she wore at the wedding was enough to put her in the running!
KaylaMeow on May 29
she has okay style and wore the GREAT dress once on that wedding.
SweetnSassy on May 28
Her bridesmaid gown was phenomenal!
Mimi_Walker on May 28
A definite style icon ..I love the white gown that she wore on her sister's weddin
katiecosette on May 27
She's definitely stylish, though not necessarily an icon. I agree, we have to see more of her first.
theflightoffancy on May 27
P-MIddy! too good haha. I think that having a lot of money and loving to shop doesn't also make you necessarily stylish...
MissMissy on May 27
Didn't know she was becoming so influential (especially in the plastic surgery world, oy vey!) Great article!
hazhench on May 26
shes nice
maryiangge on May 26

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