How To Become a Fashion Journalist

Updated on May 26, 2011

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MariaAlyssa on September 22
great tips! :)
jennilove122 on August 29
I am going to school right now and my dream is to become a Fashion Journalist. I was really concern about jumping into college but as you said this can make the difference. Thanks for all your wonderful advise. :)
MyAlexasStore on March 24
Great information! Thank you!
fabulousfashionista on January 31
I would love and be so happy a fashion journalist! Very well written article!
milanchic on August 09
this is like my dream job. maybe someday i'll persue in it. but as of now, finance is the way to go
Shasie on August 07
This was one of the most helpful articles on here yet! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this and offer such helpful links!
music56765 on June 19
so helpful! thank you!
ERICA2011 on June 16
Love it.......Fashion World bring it on!!!!! Fashion Journalism here I COME!!!!!
Vintajay on June 14
Thank you SO much for your article, thias has been my burning question and im beyond happy to have it answered! Also, the resources helpd, thanks so much!
RumorlessThreads on June 13
my dream Thank you for the great tips and article
TheCrayolaEffect on June 13
Yeah! Fashion careers!! :)
i_love_it on June 03
i do really love this post.
desireeren on June 02
Very interesting article - added it to my favourite!
irisanddaniel on June 01
Loving this! :) Great article! While Anna Wintour didn't go to school, her father was an influential journalist/writer so she probably knew a bit more than the average person who did not attend school for it. It's probably easier to get a job after having a college degree, especially in today's society. haha. The internship-tip is great! Experience is really important.
angiekje on June 01
love this post, need to read it tomorrow (almost 2 am here so it won't soak in I'm afraid)
madeleinek on June 01
100% true :) Esp. about loving what you do to be successful :)
topro on June 01
Learning first your self is a great start to everything, a way to know if you can be dedicated to the subject, while learning. This way, you won't apply to courses you won't even bother going. And, while learning your self (via the net, books, magazines and co.) you can find out your niche in this subject and define your own way of writing/drawing/designing. Trying new things is very favoring.
teribi on June 01
this is just so awesome!
misskarenlopez on June 01
Thank you for the helpful tips. I'm really impressed with what you've shared.
crystaldots on May 31
Thanks for the tips! Definitely helpful.
accordingtoannika on May 31
(cont) I started teaching myself much more about photography and it really paid off! Being both a writer and photographer has given me amazing opportunities and a lot more works than I might otherwise have gotten, since the magazine or website don't have to send both a writer and a photographer to go a job. So, learning more than one skill is an awesome way to get ahead of "the pack", so to speak!
crystaldots on May 31
Thanks for your opinion too!
accordingtoannika on May 31
These truly are great tips! As a journalist in the fashion field I would like to add one: strive to be a "multi-talent". I thought the only thing I would do was write, but as I studied to become a journalist and getting a part time job at the local newspaper, I quickly realized that what set me apart from a lot of other journalists-to-be was the fact that I was also a decent photographer. (cont.)

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