Tall Girls: How to Dress for your Height

Updated on May 30, 2011

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TheClicheQueen on September 23
alloy.com also has extended sizes. If you are looking for the perfect jeans for the 70's wide leg look that's in. I bought a pair their recently and I love them. I am over 6 feet in heels and the jeans are long enough to cover my shoes.
michelle2119 on August 11
i like the pants
decimalshoes on July 31
thank you for sharing dear
sheilamdenison on July 25
The two problems that I always find is that shirts always seem to be square and tall pants are too long while regular ones are too short
Jewel_Juanita on June 23
Oh yess! About time i get some help [;
000ecstaSY000 on June 22
hats off .... for d hat....
StarStuddedBelle on June 16
Yay I was waiting for this after the short girls article! I love your tips, will certainly be using them sometime. :)
rxrxrx on June 14
I think tall girls (I'm 6'0) should embrace their height and wear shorts and short skirts if you want to! I just wear them with opaque tights or leggings and I think it looks great. I also show off my pasty and banged up (hockey player) legs all the time. I am over caring about what other people thing.
rxrxrx on June 14
Ugh, think not thing.
elec_tric on June 13
yay tall girls! everyone thinks we have it easy (how many times have you heard"oh I wish I were taller" etc.?) but really we have problems with clothes just like everyone else :p
justmaikhou on June 13
this is a good post:)
scarybuttshaka on June 13
great post. I'm close to 5'10 and its hard to find clothes that will look good on me.
fabulouslylazy on June 13
I discovered something really useful for tall girls recently. If you have a dress/skirt you absolutely LOVE that's just too short, is it possible to wear an underskirt under it? I ordered a grey dress from F21 that was of course too short and looked odd, so I tried wearing a swingy plain black skirt under it. The plain skirt stuck out an extra 2 inches and looked like a cute extra layer.
LaiLa_letmebeme on June 13
in what measures are the height, I know, I'm Spanish and I work with the metric system: D I have to say that it's a great article :D I like it! :D
Chabri on June 13
i agree! embrace the height! nice article and tips!
MehEmely on June 13
I'm 6'3'' so I know how hard it is to find dresses. I do sew my own dresses or if I get a maxi dress from a store I just cut the extra length off to turn it into a knee length dress then add a belt to make it fit just right:) Thanks for posting this, love it!
geometree on June 13
additionally, never ever buy dresses online unless you have good measurements (done by your tailor) of your shoulder-to-waist length. i can't tell you how many times i've bought dresses i thought would fit online, only to find they fit me like an empire waist. learning to extend the pleats on your fitted skirts is a really easy thing to do for novice sewers and will also make a huge difference.
geometree on June 13
i'm 6' and i just wanted to add: a tailor is not actually that expensive, depending on who you find. buying clothes (made from good material) from thrift stores and having them resized for you is actually a much better option than constantly searching for that "perfect piece," which can leave you discouraged when you rarely find it. also, j crew/banana republic offer tall sizes.
jheri on January 28
I second that a good tailor is not that expensive. Work with them for awhile and you learn what they can and can't modify. I have a lot of luck with thrift and vintage stores and two know me well enough that they set things aside (I'm 6'3 and really thin). There are several tall women's fashion blogs now. Check out allthetallthings for the UK and tallswag for the US.
EmmaNaomi on June 11
Go tall people :D I'm 6'1...
stylenomad on June 03
Ah I was hoping there would be a follow up article to the guide for petite dressing for us tall girls! I used to not wear heels in order to stop looming over people but I realized even if I don't wear heels, I loom so I might as well keep looming with an added 3 inches!
SheMadeUlook on June 03
love this post! I didn't realize the 1st lady was so tall ;)
Beeswonderland on June 02
Didn't know those celebrities are so tall,I'm 1.80m!Great post,babe!;)
crystaldots on June 01
great post! I didn't know Taylor Swift was that tall.... and MARIA SHARAPOVA is 6'2"? Isn't she dating Enrique Iglesias? Wow. Amazing! Haha, I agree that gals should embrace their height!
Beeswonderland on June 02
Anna Kournikova is dating Enrique:)
totally_me on June 01
i would love it someone would say what to wear when you have big hips an a butt caus it hate when my but looks HUGE
Umaluhu on September 08
ditto on the butt thing. seconded!
teribi on June 01
i agree with you girl:)
Peppy Owl
Peppy Owl on June 01
umm............i am more heavy on my tighs... and pls could u give me some tips to look lil slim towards the bottom :) love rhea <3
totally_me on June 01
oh an if you like shorts when you get them a little to big at the bottom that help alot plus black
totally_me on June 01
straight leg jeans help alot with the thighs
teribi on June 01
how about an article for real grls with pear shaped bodies? former skinny girls gone pearshaped? or those who belong to the 5'4 adn below height?
crystaldots on June 01
aw, thanks! <3.
teribi on June 01
...okay.. i'll check that post in EIU.... :) thanks:)
naomayyy on June 01
Vintage Dreamer is right! It's the link at the end of the article, "Short Girls: How to dress for your height".
VintageDreamer on June 01
There was recently a post on EIU dedicated to shorter ladies. :)
teribi on June 01
how about an article for real grls with pear shaped bodies? former skinny girls gone pearshaped? or those who belong to the 5'4 adn below height?
boredstephanie on June 01
I don't have to worry about being too tall but great article! I totallly agree, tall girls shouldn't be afraid of wearing heels!
naomayyy on June 01
I know! Its so much fun (:
AnnaVenturi on June 01
i like tall girls with really high heels!
olikyu on June 01
this is my kind of post! thank you <3
bitternessbarbie on June 01
bellaumbrella on June 01
yes I loveeee this!! :D
Britt_Whit on June 01
love this! We are both over 5'9 so we can def agree with this list!
Aprilfrances on May 30
VintageDreamer on May 30
Lovely, sometimes being tall makes finding clothes... and shoes.. very difficult! Great post! xx

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