Sheer Clothing: When is it appropriate?

Updated on Jun 09, 2011

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NicolasFrench on August 03
I love sheer !!!
beckachu on May 20
just talking about this today! haha
ameliajin on September 03
love sheer!!!
Aprilfrances on June 18
i Love it I just got a long sheer skirt white yesterday.. that's what's up!!!!!!
so_wang on June 17
I went last time wid my sheer top over a blue bra......n i lyke it...
opfiend on June 14
I have liked the way that bras look under sheer shirts before but I don't think I'd ever feel comfortable like that.
wearstockings431 on June 13
I think it all comes down to how comfortable you are with what you wear. But discussion is good, as next years styles may reflect this as there will always be trendsetters and people who will push the envelope. For me sheer is functional and provides an intrigue and an air of mystery for the wearer.
justmaikhou on June 13
It was a good reading:)
cupcakecutie on June 12
I love the sheer maxi skirts but you have to wear something more than underwear underneath! Thanks for this article.
ItsClaudia on June 12
I love it sheer
StarStuddedBelle on June 12
Thankyou for the article! The idea of wearing a sheer button up with longer shorts is a great idea.
smahoola on June 11
I think a bustier type thing underneath a sheer blouse should be work appropriate enough. Sheer stuff for school? Methinks not.
headbandit on June 12
Great idea! I need to find myself a bustier, or something like that...
loved reading this article!
meeshhh on June 10
i love sheer!!!
JyaDi on June 10
chictopians wear sheer with much more class than celebrities
mochaccinoland on June 10
informative. nice read :)
lizzified on June 10
sheers always give an outfit a classy yet fun spin - when done right. love the pointers :)
mau_tan on June 09
thanks for the article! really helpful!
Chabri on June 09
i like sheer clothing...but not all the time. favs for beachwear or combined with other pieces
nyorh on June 09
thanks for the awsome info, sheer clothing is a very chic trend but it is hard for some people to wear and is hard to figure out how to wear it without being ti vulgar. Great blog
RoxiitaGuzman on June 09
hahahaha THANKS! xD
miyukisarah on June 09
Looove sheer. I rock a tank top under my sheer shirts to keep it modest, but still super cute :)
Jazza on June 09
whoops, in my last post i'm wearing a sheer lace blouse with just a bra underneath. :S I don't see it as inappropriate unless you can see EVERYTHING. and i wore that outfit to school and didn't get told off or anything :S
headbandit on June 09
I checked out your last post and it looked totally awesome! Not inappropriate or too exposed or anything like that. I think my school is (was) just especially strict, haha--I wish I could wear something like that! :)

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