High Heels: How high can you go?

Updated on Jun 15, 2011

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chelseenewby on July 13
I love this article. I love wearing heels and am always looking for a reason to wear them, being from a small town, people think you're overdressed in anything by flip flops, which I hate. Reading this article just increases my love of heels and makes me want to wear them everyday, regardless of the looks!
mllout1 on July 12
i didn't start wearing heels until my prom night and i wish i started early because my feet were KILLING me by the end of the night! i needed a bit more practice plus they were like 4" tall!
katiecupcake on July 07
This is such a great article! I'm 5'5" and my husband is a half inch shorter than me [I kept growing after we got married]. I always stayed away from heels because I didn't want to be way taller than him. My husband never cared if I was taller, he loves heels. Lately, I've been wearing heels. I've even worn 5" heels! I don't care now that it makes me taller than him. Shoes are beautiful.
Shasie on July 06
Great article! I myself am 5'7 and I still wear heels. I love them! I'd pick them over flats any day!
China3125 on July 05
I like reading this it inspired me! I'm a very tall girl around 5' 9 so I rarely ever where heals because I don't wanta look like a giant even though I really love them. I've recently started to step out my comfort zone a little and have been buying wedges I love and even some heels no taller then 3 inches though but since reading this I've decided your right I'm going to wear what I want! Thanks!
Porcelain_Hollywood on July 04
I love wearing heels but I try not to wear anything above 4inches I'm already 5'8 I don't wanna look too tall lol!
Bombonica on July 02
great post! loved reading it
L3xii on July 01
This is such an awesome post. I have always felt that way about my hieght, thinking of how people would look at me. But once i started wearing heels, i feel great!
StarStuddedBelle on July 01
Nice post! Personally, I do feel more comfortable in flats because of my height- I always tend to slouch if I'm towering over everyone, but I will certainly give them another shot soon. :)
JuicyGina on June 30
I ABSOLUTLY AM IN LOVE WITH HEELS. however, i am only going into 11 grade. i can totally pull them off and i don't care what other people think but i don't have a job and cant afford to buy the shoes that appeal to my taste. i love this article though! i do think that high schoolers can rock 3.5+. as long as you can walk in them. thats all that matters to me! :)
hazhench on June 30
Thanks! Great post! Now i have an idea what to wear and what to choose :D
ginger_bug on June 30
I don't wear high heels too often. I have a hard time walking in them. And I have wide feet so it is hard to find good ones. I love a kitten heel or a gentle wedge.
SouffleGirl on June 30
I love wearing heels, but due to my size (4'11") my feet are like little kids feet. I can barely fit a US womens 5 with out it flying off my feel if there isn't a strap. So most of the heels I do find, only get up to 3.5 inches. And if I wanted taller, I would have to get them custom or go to a special store. Some of them go up to $200 a pair and that is WAY out of my price range...
pamelamarrie on June 30
lets be honest, you either see me in flip flops or heels. flats are rare, especially since i only have ever owned 2 pairs, and lost one of them. i'm on the shorter side, so wearing a 4'+ heel isnt ever noticed too much since my boyfriend is fairly tall. regardless i find heels more comfortable than flats. i think its because i'm a special sort of gal.
LaiLa_letmebeme on June 30
Very beautiufl post! :D I like it a lot, I don't have lots of heels and most of them are of 2,3,4 inches, but reading this article I have more willing to buy more!
I'm 15, and I've been wearing heels since 7th grade- I got a pair of 3 inch Jessica Simpson boots and I kept going higher! A little early, I know, but I don't feel like myself without heels! I'm 5'1" so it's nice being tall. I wear heels probably 5 days a week- some outfits are a bit too much for school with heels and my mother would murder me. Plus, I'm known for it, and I absolutely love it.
HoneyCreeper on June 30
I lack rules whatsoever when it comes to heels, I started in 8th grade with my first REAL pair, a pair of 5 inch wedges. Let me say, that was a confidence builder, and it showed to everyone that I was a confident beast regardless of how tall I am or with heels :) I'm going to be a sophmore this upcoming school year, and I'm a fashion icon ;)
lovelysilkarria on June 30
I'm the same age as you, and I love heels. But at the same time I feel like I'm trying too hard since I live in a small town and go to a small school and I'm the only one wearing heels. I feel especially self concious if they are high heels. All of a sudden I think everyone is looking at my "stripper heels" and wondering why I'm so wierd... I hate it. But I LOVE heels! And I like being tall, too. :D
havoc on June 30
dudes, it's all about doing whatever you want, for me. i'll wear my five inch heels (i'm 5'5'') to the beach if i want to! so long as you can walk in them and feel awesome, you've got no problem. just get your friends to piggy-back you across the grass ;) otherwise, wear whatever shoes you want - i've got the converse to prove that they don't last forever, so just go for it.
adex on June 30
CNO4SHO on June 30
I love Heels! I'd love to wear them everyday but unfortunately Philly is not quite set up for the heel trek.I've seen a few fly, high-heel wearing professionals go down or almost go down either on the sidewalks or in the bump ridden streets. Carrying the fold up flats is a must, just incase the el is at the platform and u need to book it down two impossible steep flights of cement steps.
AnnaVenturi on June 30
I love platforms as much as I dislike stiletto heels. Platform wedges are stunning beautiful and they make you look taller, slender and sexyer. The last shoes I have bought are 6" and I love them. (PS: Jeffery Campbell is a copycat)
MariaAlyssa on June 30
I m 5'2" tall & I wear heels minimum of 2" (mostly at school or family events) & max 4" (mostly in parties or any social events) Whenever I wear heels I get conflicting comments. Some says I look great, I look taller while other says I'm too tall. I guess different people really have different opinions but bottom line it's all about confidence and if it's really proper for the place or occasion :)
littlelle on June 30
I wear at least 2 inch heels or wedges or boots almost every day. I'm 5'4" so I crave the height. Then when I get dressed up I go for the 4 inch heels or more.
Mheraldo on June 30
I generally wear heels because of all the reasons you outlined...plus being only 5'4", pants aren't usually hemmed for us gals that aren't quite short, but aren't tall either, so heels tend to be mandatory. That said, I try not to wear "heels" on the weekend and opt instead for wedges, and of course, flat sandals. Nobody should put on heels to, like, go to the grocery store.
CityGrrlElle on June 30
I'm just a smidge over 5'8" tall and I love my heels. I do have a few pairs of flats, sandals for casual summer wear but otherwise it's heels.. Most of my heels are 3-5". I rarely have problems wearing them for hours. Buy good heels that are well made and give them a good try-on in the store before buying them.
JusticePirate on June 30
I wear many different heights. I tend to wear 1-2" but sometimes up to 4 or 5". When I wear 4" heels I am 6'1"! I'm already 3" taller than my husband, so when I wear those I tower over him. it's fun.
thesimpletheory on June 30
i alternate wearing heels and flats so that my feet don't die by the end of the week
mrsbin1991 on June 28
Flats are great, but sometimes they are a bit dull, heels spice up the outfits!
Walabean on June 22
I love my relationship with my heels, I started wearing heels when I was 14/15, with chunky pair of b&w polka dot TUK platforms, they're still my favorite to this day, and I found they eased me into it...I refuse to wear heels everyday, as I know this would just damage my footsies, so I relax in flats for a couple of days, then bring out the heels, for more special occasions. :)
Squarectomy on June 22
I'm all about being ready for any terrain during my adventurous summers. So flats it is!
Lilly1989 on June 21
I'm taller than all my friends but I live in my heels! (when I'm not working) :) :)
biotechnology on June 20
I'm sure you can go VERY high ;) But unfortunately, not with my height.
4ubr3y on June 19
my current craves these days are wearing 5 inch heels, even in school, :) rules are meant to be broken, hehehe, i love that quote
anonymours on June 18
cool article!
smahoola on June 18
The photo for this article is breathtaking. I LOVE THE PHOTO.
ScaryGodmother on June 18
I love heals and wore a pair yesterday, but after two hours of mostly sitting I just could not wait to get home. Its a shame for some of the shoes in my closet!
Mimi_Walker on June 17
i LOVE wearing HIGH heels ..for 30 minutes only ..haha
so_wang on June 17
I just simply love high heels but every time i have to compromise bcoz of my feet size......its 35.5...................I hardly get my choice of shoes.......:(
nekorine on June 17
I love heels, but most of the time i need extra padding for my arches but love them anyway! What happens if they get stuck in tram tracks?
headbandit on June 18
Maybe you could keep a pair of fold-up flats in your bag and switch into them for your commute?
teribi on June 16
@headbandit - kudos to your article! Uhm, how about an article about stylish shoes to wear when you're a working girl who commutes a lot (i.e. by bus), cross the street and walk under the rain...? Because as much as i'd like to wear heels (pumps, wedges, etc.) it just seems inappropriate, when people are staring at you and (hopefully not) you suddenly tripped while walking...????
headbandit on June 18
That's a good idea, I'll work on that! :)
lizzified on June 17
great suggestion! I would find such an article really useful too :)
meeshhh on June 16
the higher the heels, the better!!! :) i love heels!!! I would wear them 24/7 if only they were comfortable!
Beehaute on June 16
im very short so the taller the better. it has to be 3 inch or up or flats for me!
olikyu on June 16
I'm 5'10" and i wear my 4 inch heels to school at least once a week - flaunt it is what I say!
Walabean on June 22
I love your attitude! I have a lot of tall friends and they completely shy away from any heel, even though they love them...it's a real shame...so go you! :D
headbandit on June 18
That's awesome!
irisanddaniel on June 16
Haha the Suri-reference. :D Our general rule is that, if you're going to wear... WEAR HEELS. 1 to 2 inches just doesn't look as nice as flats or taller shoes.
headbandit on June 18
I totally get that! I am not a fan of the kitten heel. :P
crystaldots on June 16
I like to wear up to 3", maybe it's because where I live, not many of us are tall, and so, I don't like to stand out so much! (No pun intended). So, my highest would be 3.5"! : ). It's great that you also put references to forums. : )
EveyHoneysuckle on June 15
I looove heels. I want more pairs (I don't like my tiny 5'2, 5'3 frame) and they just make me feel so much more tall and awesome, you know? But my limit is like 4 inches. Any more and I might just fall on my face constantly XD
ducksterrr on June 15
These remind me of Lady Gaga heels. So freaky different but wicked awesome.
headbandit on June 18
They actually are the same style, the "armadillo" or "lobster claw" shoe by Alexander McQueen!

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