Knockoffs: Plagiarism?

Updated on Jun 21, 2011

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Head2Heels on July 15
Well I'm open to buying these rip-offs, cuz frankly I can't afford to buy the real deal.. And if I could buy the original, nothing would stop me, I would love to have a designer brand.. But yeah, being a complete rip-off from heel height on a shoe to handle detail on a bag is kinda bad and I will scoff if I see it, but something from Forever 21 that looks very similar to Prada will be my buy!
mare_santos on July 11
well if they don't want their designs to be copied, then don't show hem, i find it ofensive that they design for a few, but advrtise for everybody, if u don't wanna be copied, then don't show off!
mare_santos on July 11
in any case, u can still be a designer and mass produce, why don;t they do that? it takes the same inspiration at a low cost, and if u like to design u wouldn't bother to mass produce it
inthenameoffashion on July 01
You can use runway design as an inspiration yes, and as an inspiration only. For example, if i get inspired by the neon tones used in colorblocking of a dress, and find the electric blue to be particularly breathtaking and i produce a leather coinbag in that color, i see that to be fine. But any more than that is morally wrong.
JyaDi on June 27
imitation is the best form of flattery
venusys on July 14
totally true :D
mare_santos on July 11
right?! ahha
inthenameoffashion on July 01
Squarectomy on June 29
MegFaye on June 27
Karl Lagerfeld once said that knockoffs are free advertising. The person that lusts after those Acne shoes and gets the Jeffrey Campbell version can't afford the original. Acne isn't losing business, because if you can afford the original, you'll by it. (or most people will anyway.) It feels good as someone who has to be more frugal to be able to purchase a version of a high-end trendy shoe. The
mare_santos on July 11
right!? besides, i find it offensive that only a few can be fashionable
tribalfoxvintage on June 28
well put! totally agree with you!
duhwinner on June 27
The people who buy the originals would not buy the knock offs, nor would the people buyig the knocks offs afford to buy the original. So the knock offs aren't cutting into the designers customer base as appose to something like bootleg music or movies.
thesimpletheory on June 27
this is really insightful. i can understand similar designs because fashion repeats itself. but ultimately its the consumers who influence what goes on.
mare_santos on July 11
rebeccajane on June 27
I have to say though, that I find it frustrating when companies rip off independent designers who are struggling to run a small business - I find that really unethical but with the lack of real copyright protection for design it is hard to know how to prevent that from happening.
lizzified on July 04
well said! :)
rebeccajane on June 27
Great article! There is a fantastic TED Talk about this very issue, about how because garments and shoes are such essential items, there is no real copyright, so actually as much as the knockoff versions are ripping off designer versions, there is no real copyright protection in fashion.
crystaldots on June 27
Great article, couldn't have said it better than myself! I think that we inspire each other in a way, BUT when it comes to the exact same details of the item, that's too extreme, and that's blatantly copying. However, I do like JC shoes, and at least they are now coming up with more 'unique' designs like the Litas!
maryiangge on June 27
i agree with you! not to the extreme!

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