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xilcanopapaya on October 06
This is a wonderful article, very inspiring!
Umaluhu on September 08
This was so uplifting thank you! The way you dress reflects not only yourself, but also the people you want to be around. If he doesn't like what you express then he's not a match for you. Who's happiness is more important: his or yours?
aribear22 on August 01
great article!
sheilamdenison on July 25
I never change the clothes I wear for anyone
Aprilfrances on July 25
Shasie on July 25
I actually think in a relationship it may be more of the girl trying to change her man's style more than him complaining about hers. Men don't seem to care as much about fashion and trends as women do...just a thought...
Im_lolo on July 21
I love to mix trendy peices with thrifty ones and i some time get laughed at since i live in a very urban nieborhood i def. think every one should do what feels right for them despite what others think.
jingjing on July 20
I used to be a total slob before I met my bf. Sometimes he made fun of me for dressing poorly, and other friends noticed how I didn't wear clothes that fit well. After being fed up with those "playful" jokes, I changed my style, for them and my bf at first, but I'm glad I did. Now I actually HAVE a sense of style and dress for myself. I love when someone asks me "Where did you get that?!" :)
michelene on July 11
my boyfriend has told me he "prefers" when I wear certain things, like more of a chill style; he loves when I wear converse or soft materials. So I try to wear the things he likes when I'm with him, but I haven't completely conformed to only wearing what he likes. He's ok with what I want to wear, but it is fun to dress for him every once and a while :)
sugarcherry on July 07
I like to experiment with a lot of different styles, and wear different things according to my mood. So I don't think it would be horrible to change a little bit. If my significant other preferred to see me in dresses, I would probably tend to wear dresses to dates (I like dresses!). I'm open to suggestions, but I wouldn't change my entire style, or wear something that made me feel uncomfortable.
RayC on July 05
I think once you're in a relationship, your style will, to some degree, change according to what your partner likes and vice versa. After all, part of the attraction is how we present ourselves and our clothes play a part in that. That being said, the majority of your style should be a reflection of your own personal taste and there should be a mutual respect and acceptance of it by both partners.
Style_Composer on July 06
I agree. The people you love always rub off on you in some way. My bf accepts it but prefers me not to wear some things BUT he realllly doesn't like me wearing makeup. He thinks it is fake while I find it one of the very few ways to get connected to art. I try to make him understand but in the end he says it is my life. But I do wear things he likes just because I like to make him happy.
megmehtab on July 01
With my beau, it is very easy, he would not like anything at first but I would wear it again and again and then he will find it flattering.. :) so, in the end I win :) but he respects my style no matter what. There are some times when I have to adjust according to the situation but that hardly matters to me since there are many other ways/areas/platforms I can fulfil my love for fashion like here.
smokespirit on June 30
My style does change and alter a bit depending on what he says, but so does his. We both like to dress well, and I often pick out things for him to buy, and he helps me sift through all the things I want to buy.
LisaSummer on June 30
My style is a part of me & 1 of the big reasons why i love my BF so much is because he loves me just the way am! But i also truly care about his opinion, i love asking him what he thinks & even tho i know he thinks some of the things i wear are kind of out there, he always pushes me to be myself! I don't think i could be with someone that doesn't except my style!
ginger_bug on June 30
Honestly, I have changed my style a bit for my boyfriend... mainly because I didn't think too much about what I wore before and he is verrrrry picky (of course, he dresses great!) I have found that I look classier when I follow his advice, anyway.
DelightfulDecember on June 30
He appreciates quirky things anyways. :D
HoneyCreeper on June 30
Frankly, my guy would never change his fashion sense if I told him to, so whenever he tells me to I ignore him spot on. Why should I do something if he's not willing to?
LindsayBot on June 30
I was once in a relationship where the way I dressed was a real sore spot. He took the way I dressed as me not caring what he thought and I as him not caring what I wanted. Then, he was gone in Brazil for almost a year and when he returned I didn't care what he looked like just as long he was there, but he still didn't feel the same. Bottome line: its the person you love, not the clothes.
MariaAlyssa on June 30
Of course, I like to dress for myself and my guy likes it but if he has an opinion about my outfits I am open for it as long as it looks good :)
LaChatNoir83 on June 30
I tend to dress more on the sexy side and my boyfriend likes me to tone it down. I don't have a problem adjusting when I am with him.
NalaC on June 30
I come to chictopia to admire other's fashion, but in reality I cannot wear what I like because of my significant other :( I just bought a cute shirt yesterday and he got upset (it was not revealing, but he doesn't like anything other than tshirts). I'm not "obsessed" with clothes but it's hard feeling like I can't even be myself and clothing is a reflection of that!
Squarectomy on June 29
I do things for me. Call it selfish. But it keeps me happy!
April_Rain on June 27
I do let my love's tastes affect my daily style, but if there's something I really love, I'll wear it regardless of what ANYONE says!
nekorine on June 25
If your significant other really loves you, he won't love you by what you wear but who you really are. As a matter of fact your significant other should think you look beautiful no matter what you wear!
MiuSan on June 24
Who the heck would let pieces of clothes define who you are?...srsly... So with this messed up logic changing your clothes would make you what?an instant phony? These kind of articles/topics/whatever category this might fall in, are full of baloney. I could write why, but apparently chictopia doesn't allow comments beyond appraises like "chic" and "lovely".
Style_Journey on June 24
my BF really loves my style and he always enjoys to see me wearing dresses or skirts. l always go shopping alone because l know he's not patient. instead of changing his style l usually switched up my own to match his simple ripped jeans and basic tee combinations. it's strange because he always loves my outfits but he's not enought brave to try something different for his own.
sunonthebeach on June 23
true, changing your style for your significant other would be like changing your identity for them. how to draw a line between changing yourself and self sacrifice =.=
Aphrodite on June 23
I think a woman can sacrifice her style if she really loves the man. But she wont have to if the man really loves her.=) Great post.=) <3
zerofussinfo on June 24
I completely agree. I was obsessed with fashion when I was single. Now, I dress up very simple becos of my hubby. It's not that he asked me to. He is quit simple and although he never criticized my style, he didn't really express any interest in it either. So I decided that it's a good thing that I don't have to worry too much about what I wear because I'm already loved and respected for who I am.
lizzified on June 24
me too, well said! :)
Style_Journey on June 24
aww, absolutely LOVE the way you said it :D xx
Necca on June 23
When I was with my ex one day I was wearing jeans and a tee and he said I looked sexier than all the other times I wore blouses and skirts. I noticed after that I wore more casual clothing when we were together. Haha. It wasn't that I didn't like dressing that way; the items were in my wardrobe for a reason, I just switched up my style a bit.
JuicyGina on June 23
today i got bangs. my boyfriend didn't want me to but i figured he'd get used to them! :)
Lyosha on June 23
I didn't change my style but there was need for it. My man is totally in with the way I look. if he says my dress is to much for the occation Most of time i agree. And I use him as my mirror always asking what to add. Why not if we have so much in common about the style.
mochaccinoland on June 23
i wear whatever i want majority of the time but i do ask for my husband's input from time to time. in fact, i'm the more conservative one… he encourages me to be more adventurous in term of what i wear. he embraces socks with heels though initially he thought it was a NO WAY. And Lita definitely gets his thumbs up just that i still couldn't find a pair that fits my feet!
siumei on June 23
on the whole i think we shouldnt change our style just cause our loved ones dont like it, rather they should accept or embrace our style.
franloiacono on June 23
I wouldn't change my style for someone else, but it's nice to please your beloved one, so I don't see nothing wrong in wearing something you know your lover likes a bit more than other things...
OnTheGanges on June 23
When I became engaged and moved in with my fiancée, I didn't have a sense of style. I had a mini vague midlife crisis this year upon turning twenty, and wanted to mature my wardrobe; however, I didn't want to have to 'grow up'. My style is still developing, and at first my fiancée gave my outfits some weird looks, but she grew to like what I wore, and is even my photographer for my looks!
toropiski on June 23
No - we do things together, don't criticize outer appearances. A human being is an independent entity and the other is not responsible of the other - can't be on the long run! One should just try to enjoy the other, not echo or dominate... to give, not break. <3
xenii on June 23
NEVER! :) boys come and go, it's like the girl code, you don't ditch a girl friend for a boyfriend! We're our own best friends, and therefore we shouldn't neglect who we really are :)

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