Style Beach Hair (Without the Beach)

Updated on Jun 23, 2011

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AncaScridon on March 15
Chocosioco on September 19
i love beachy waves!
CaptivatingWhim on June 30
Something else you can do is braid your hair while dry (make about 3-4 braids, depending on the thickness of your hair) and then flat iron them through! Take out and fingercomb. It's a lot faster than waiting for your braids to dry after showering.
cameraChey on June 28
love beach hair:) beach anything really...
AnnieClark on June 28
I just braid my hair at night when its wet, and take the braids out in the morning when my hair is my fingers through it a few times, add some hairspray, then i've got some beach hair! :)
headbandit on June 29
Fab idea!
maryb15 on June 28
i want beach hair!
LetterT on June 27
I see this model everywhere!!!
JanelleEfe on June 26
I love voluminous hair!
pandaroo on June 26
I love beach hair!
thesimpletheory on June 25
i love the beach bum look for the summer. unfortunately i have black hair so when i go in the ocean (or any salt water) and come out, the salt dries white on my hair...
Chabri on June 25
i love beach hair!
MariaAlyssa on June 25
I love this look! When I had a lead role in our theater before our stylist made my hair look like this in my "transformation" scene in the play and I heard the audience said "wow". After that, in our meet and greet a lot of people told me that I should keep the look but unfortunately I don't know how to do without a stylist, I can't do it alone... lol Thanks for making this post :)
headbandit on June 26
Glad to help!
irisanddaniel on June 24
love the messy tousled look for hair! looks more relaxed and carefree, and gives fancier outfits a more effortless vibe. :)
stardancer on June 24
I can give you girls a new idea on how to do this without using any heat. using small sections(depending on the lenth of your hair). This could range 1/2 to 1 to 3 inch sections. Tie your hair repeatedly, like the first step in tying your shoe. put a mini band on the end when you have came to the desired lenth of your rope. leave in all day or all night . whatever you prefer. After shampoo.
headbandit on June 26
Great idea!
Ribbons on June 24
how would you get pretty waves with someone with shoulder length hair like mine? :)
obvioxduh on June 25
You could always wash your hair and then divide your hair in to sections and with bobby pins, twist them up towards your scalp. =]

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