Protests Against Photoshopped Ads in Ugly Gossip

Updated on Jun 23, 2011

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caligrl1o1 on December 03
It's okay to photoshop fly-aways, but it isn't okay to take someone from looking 100 years old to 15 years old.
aribear22 on July 26
This photoshop "problem" is ridiculous. In moderation photo shop is no biggie, but people just overdo it
DignityZine on July 20
The Photoshopping is way out of control in print media. Retouchers like myself can tell a photo has been altered, but we don't see the original, so even we are deceived by a celebrity's so-called perfection! Then we are down on ourselves. For ex., do you remember this unretouched photo of Megan Fox? Somehow it leaked out. See it here:
Vintajay on July 17
I love this news. Its charming and informative and very interesting!
CearahPeck on July 16
That Prada top is so unique! It's awesome! And I agree, we need to stop photoshopping. The people in magazines end up looking nothing like the model. And don't they hire the model for their looks?
bjkdAnc3r on July 14
Amazing article. The Gillette ad was hilarious!! On the other hand, who CARES if Madonna had plastic surgery? I say, if it'll make you feel better about yourself, then fine. But seeing as they don't have any solid proof, they need to drop it.
KaylaContee on July 12
great article and I agree with needing to stop photoshopping, I mean there's too many people who compare themselves the images of people that appear to look "perfect" and then feel bad about themselves
anonymours on July 10
interesting article
gwisn2qx on July 09
i think the un-shopped picture of madonna is actually more beautiful. she looks powerful. down with the myth that female beauty ends at 35. older women rule.
music56765 on June 26
I think people would be MORE drawn to an advertisment if there was no photoshop. Like makeup ads would show the true result of the product. Plus it would be bettter for everyone.
gwisn2qx on July 09
yeah. the idea of banning photoshop is a moot point; it's constitutionally-protected free speech.
reagansimone on July 09
I agree. Just like how Kmart is copying American Apparel people are now drawn to the more realistic models and little photoshop but they're used to the airbrushed look. But *banning* photoshop is just ridiculous. Fixing lighting or improving exposure is apart of photography, not a way to corrupt our idea of beauty
Squarectomy on June 29
You would hope/wish. But it's just human nature to be drawn to what's aesthetically pleasing. And we've all been indoctrinated to succumb to a certain standard of beauty. Bottom line, it's business. And they have to sell.
angrycloud on June 27
word, I hate that ads are so advertised you cant even really tell if they work or not. Honesty is always the best ad imo~
babygurldali on June 26
mimichithatsme on June 26
Oh photoshop should really be banned.
notsohum on June 26
Thos is very intersting, I wouldnt have known this.
plasticflowergarden on June 26
Bagelhed? Gag much! Hope that doesn't catch on too much. However, I personally would love it if Photoshopping was banned in ads. I've been hoping for that since I first learned they edited the photos. Yeah, I'm sure society will become disappointed, even upset, that people look "too normal" or "not good enough" in ads. But society needs a serious reality check.
thesmartdresser on June 26
the baglehead thing is just plain ridiculous_seriously!!
OmniDimensional on June 25
The whole banning photoshop thing is just dumb. These associations always play the "for the children" card. No matter what you do, everyone develops a warped view on "reality." Society conditions people to think the way they do. Everything is unnatural and weird. That doesn't mean we need to nerf the world so kids won't develop disorders. Ban whatever you want, it won't change a thing.
morgsmorgan on June 25
I always love your post! so full of fascinating things. I definitely think we should think about banning photoshop in ads. it's false pretexts and coerces people into having completely skewed perspectives of beauty and of themselves! I watched this fantastic film not too long ago called America The Beautiful...I think you would really like it.
staystitching on June 25
oh wow
thesimpletheory on June 25
bagelhead creeps me out... i don't think i would be able to do it
LaceAndLoveBugs on June 25
Baggel heads has to be the craziest thing iv heard all week..
lizzified on June 25
banning the ads would be a great move but I think that the underlying reason is tt people are photoshopped to meet society's expectations. it'll take more than that to change expectation of an "ideal" :(
lizzified on June 25
great article once again :) had a good laugh at the bagelheads - its amazing what pple do to themselves under peer pressure!
Chabri on June 25!!!! sounds ridiculous lol
immadi on June 25
bagel forheads wtf i went through a dark, gothy stage as a teen but i would have never wanted a swollen forhead. too wierd
MiuSan on June 25
ISince I don't have an army of people finishing me up when I leave the house, I wouldn't mind some of that Adobe Photoshop Day Cream. But I have to say, fashion and ads go way overboard with these, and since they don't have any control over themselves it seems, someone else needs to take action for them. I am happy to ban every company with such bad taste.
jajainthesky on June 24
seriously - some of the prada menswear is a bit out there and i can't imagine any man wearing that to work on a daily basis...
tribalfoxvintage on June 24
totally agree with the banning of photoshopping in ads, i mean, if the model cant even have that body naturally without issues, chances are no one else will.
JyaDi on June 24
things just get weirder every week
Walabean on June 24
'Bagel' heads, that has to be one of the single most stupid things I've ever seen XD
lolaloa on June 24
very interesting article, enjoyable read, bagel head is crazy , and photoshop, moderation will be good not unrealistic image people seem to love photoshop image so i guess they are using it, actually the bagel head seem like the opposite to the photoshopping, great article dear chic +1
headbandit on June 24
Uah...bagelheads? Seriously? :O haha...
headbandit on June 24
you always find the best stories, Crystal!
Aphrodite on June 24
I dont have a problem with photoshopped ads but even Goddesses like Madonna are allowed to grow old. Wrinkles and veins and all, Madonna is Madonna. But most people dont see things that way so...='( Sad..
Aphrodite on June 24
About Armani on Prada: What?!!!!!!!! Those are some AMAZING ugly clothes then!=)
aliciak on June 24
nice article

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