5 Reasons to Throw Away Your Old Makeup

Updated on Jul 10, 2011

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shennie87 on August 05
I didn't know there was a website to check the expiration date for makeup brands! Thank you!
laurenmcg1229 on August 04
I recently threw out all of my makeup (it was old and I got a stye) so I'll keep all of this in mind when I get new makeup so I know when it's got to go!
anonymours on August 04
cool article
awilde087 on August 03
thanks for the helpful article!!! i think people dont realize that make-up DOES expire! i know i didnt for the longest time!! :) good article!
livisfat on August 01
I have the unfortunate habit of keeping ALL my makeup, but I've just recently went through it and cleaned out my makeup stash a bit.
j_nE on July 30
shucks, im cleaning up my vanity kit, NOW! :))
aribear22 on July 26
just cleaned out my makeup... i had to get rid of so much old eyeshadow:/
Shasie on July 25
So true! I really need to go through my makeup stash and get rid of the old. Out with the old, in with the new is the expression right?
j on July 24
Looks like I need to get rid of my foundation!
Blue4ever on July 23
maybe ur right.. :D
emilyjean on July 23
Its good to know I'm not crazy from throwing out old mascara all the time.
Im_lolo on July 21
not a big make up fan but i tend to lust for bright pink lipstick!
MichelleCurry on July 20
My mom usually gives me her makeup that she doesnt use because the color is off on her (she is lighter than I am so it usually works for me) and I feel really bad if I don't use it. Her color choices and mine are totally different so I tend to have a drawer full of pink, purple and other pastel colors that I dont use (often). It is usually very expensive makeup too.
Caoimhe18 on July 18
I don't think this is a very helpful article at all.
MrsJudah82 on July 17
I personally think that make-up in Genaral should be thrown away.In a long run it does more damage than good. I Prefere keeping my skin clean and clear, little bit of gloss and i'm good to go. The more make-up you use the more wrinkles and blemishes u create.
Notofthisage on July 16
The jar symbol on the back contains the number of months the product is good from the day you open it. Not the day you bought it. Otherwise loved this article. Might throw away that old lipstick that I never use cause it looks awful on me. Thanks!
brownflower on July 16
I like this advice. I threw away some old makeup the other day and I know that guilty feeling hehe. Though, instead of throwing away packaged make-up how about giving it away? ;)
ConcreteSox on July 15
Faces with little to no make up are the best. Except for Ziggy Stardust.
HEYKaren on July 15
This is accurate.
jessieeb on July 15
Oh, also, for the poll...my excuse is usually, "I still really like that color, I'll use it when I run out of the one I'm using now"
jessieeb on July 15
This is great! Thanks for posting! I try to go through and clean out my make up at least twice a year...that's not to say that I am always good about getting rid of everything that I need to, but at least it's a good chance to remind myself that all of these lipsticks have been sitting here since the last time I went through and couldn't get rid of them :)
chicxology on July 15
Very helpful! I am now on my way to toss some of my old makeup away hehe :P
OnTheGanges on July 15
Another great article! It's probably a great idea to plan what to throw out first, then go out and find replacements similar enough to the products. It occurred to me recently that I should probably toss my foundation in the trash, considering it's one of those half-liquid, half-power types, and I've had it for some time now. (Also because my skin tone's become less pale than the colour is!)
MariaAlyssa on July 15
After reading his make-up box will be kinda empty, I'm gonna check now which I could still use and which will I throw away.
Style_Journey on July 14
you're definetely right, honey!! l know it from my own experience. eyeshadow colors aren't my friends even when they are new and when l felt they were umconfortable l throw them away immediately. l'm very sensitive to mascara too and after buying 3 or 4 different mascara l decided not to use them anymore. beeing healty is more important than following some stupid rules like wearing make-up
MrsJudah82 on July 17
Thanks u sweety a healthy skin is much more beautiful anyways.
Style_Journey on July 14
just because everyone around you do the same thing! just be careful, girls! keeping something expired can be very dangerous and can cost you way more than those products!
emypeaches on July 14
But but...I love my MAC liquidliner....I've been using it everyday and it's not even used up!! I wash my brushes though......Shouldn't that count? It's just that even if you use the same product everyday, it just doesn't always get used up by the expiration time...
inspirafashion on July 14
woww i really didn't know how important throwing away your makeup is until this, thanks Crystal for this great post! and a big shocker is that mascara's shelf life is only 3 months!! needa invest in thrifty ones tht's for sure ;p.
dolcechoka on July 14
Wow i had no clue makeup actually expired.
TheCrayolaEffect on July 14
I usually keep a lot of makeup (a large backpack of it!) around because me and my friends do lots of crazy fantasy/fashion photoshoots and it does come in handy. Don't worry we use different brushes and sponges each time! :P
clashingstyle on July 14
I have some MAC eyeshadows I still have and use that I bought 5-6 years ago. It's the brushes that matter. Maybe you should mention that. It's very important.
notsohum on July 13
This article seems to be talking about me!
hazhench on July 12
Great Blog. Now i have an idea or results when I don't throw my old make ups. Thank you so much for this! Two thumbs up
thesmartdresser on July 12
i hardly ever wear makeup i love my skin, but i love this post!_ i'll past it on to my friends that do wear makeup...&& pating with makeup is cool i think i want to try it =)
ilsteviewonder on July 12
very nice tips! I always love reading your posts! Its hard for me to throw away makeup as well. ugh sadly Its usually because "this is my favorite" I use the same gold/bronze eye shadow all the time but I know its time to get rid of it lol thanks for this post! :D
jacobrobgarcia on July 12
This was helpful. I found out that some of my makeup (eyeshadows) are expired. I think I'll try using them for art- sounds like a good time :)
russianteacake on July 11
I so appreciate this article! I especially love the idea to use my old make-up for a work of art. I will so try that!
razzel on July 11
the topic is really interesting! love it
frostedfields on July 11
I throw away only makeup that I'm allergic to, never because of the product's age. I have a TON of eyeshadow and some of it's a couple of years old, but I use the ones that I grew tired of/creased easily/looked good in the store to experiment. I've never had a problem with germs or anything, so I'm not changing now. I use my mascara down to the last swipe.
alisapt on July 11
NOT throwing away my old makeup! :-P Painting with it is a great idea. See? Think twice before you throw things away!
louiselaqui on July 11
this is very informative. love this post!
queenmelanie on July 11
i love your topic! very informative!... nice catch here!... very helpful!
LestaLatin on July 11
Great post, very informative. I never reliaze that my make up could be expired. I use that until the package is empty. Thank you, it's really help
kbagley4 on July 11
my husband paints with makeup! i'll have to put that on the blog soon:)
ConcreteSox on July 15
Wow, I'll have to steal that idea.
jenuang on July 11
wow i didnt know that mascara had such a short shelf life... my mascara is way older...
maryiangge on July 11
very informative, now im gonna throw those old make up i have. you always amaze me with your topics crystal!
jehanprouvaire on July 11
amzing article as always dear!! very helpful!!
toropiski on July 11
An important issue - we have expiry dates here in EU but I have to admit my mascara is over six months old! At least I am aware of the fact... ;)
teribi on July 11
hey there! i love the part hen you suggested that old makeup can be used in art! hmmm... :) also, that's what i told my grandma... she said that only the rich replaces their makeup after some months or years... i explained to hear about its harmful effects but she just doesn't believe me.. any way, she's the one who's using her own makeup...

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