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CHEAPwelcome on September 08
Annebeth on July 21
I thought harper was named after the writer of to kill a mockingbird since that's victoria's fave book?
lovesitc on July 19
Me? I think she's gorgeous. Being thin doesn't mean one is anorexic.
Catherinee on July 19
Codie does look very gaunt in the first photo, perhaps a combination of Photoshop, natural thinness, and oversized clothing... but I don't really know if it's appropriate to question whether she's anorexic. Anorexic and thin aren't synonymous - anorexia is a serious illness. Someone can't really be considered anorexic without being diagnosed, and it seems Codie hasn't been. While the ad can...
Annebeth on July 21
I do agree that it's strange they seem to be promoting that pale, bony, sockly look as a "glam" thing. That's problematic. But you shouldn't call the girl anorexic that carelessly.
Annebeth on July 21
yep. And I don't think she looks THAT skinny either, her legs look healthy and she's simply pulling in her stomach.
Catherinee on July 19
...indirectly promote the ideal of thinness and perhaps even anorexia itself, I just wanted to add my own two cents as someone who's very interested in erasing the stigma associated with mental illnesses.
Fashionlass on July 19
You guys left out one more funny inspiration for the Beckhams' new baby: Everyone here in Canada is howling with laughter because our Prime Minister is named Steven Harper. The baby's full name is Harper Steven. :P
Lazycatstyle on July 18
Wow, that´s a great step for Paris, i can´t believe am saying this but she looks amazing! She got to follow Nicole`s steps. About the Topshop ads, even when we like the way she looks is better to retire the publicity, they were not promoting helthy figures. ( I know, so many girls are naturally thin)
tiaoostenbrug on July 17
i don't think a size zero is ever healthy...
Catherinee on July 19
Size zero and healthy, right here... if anything, I eat more than I should. Different sizes work for different bodies. One person can be healthy at a size zero, another at size 10. It varies.
aribear22 on July 17
pauly d starting a clothing line? :/ weird stuff.
LUVAct101 on July 16
Wow, first time on chictopia and i feel like I am caught up in the fashion world! I love this place!
thesimpletheory on July 16
I read somewhere that the clothes that Codie had on were a sample size 10 (ie. too big for her) so it may have accentuated certain parts of her body. she actually addressed the issue on her blog.
JeanGreige on July 16
The woman fired for refusing to dye her hair was replaced by a woman in her 40s, not 20s.
JeanGreige on July 16
No prob! Still a great read! :)
crystaldots on July 16
Thanks Madeline for catching that!
nikkiluvssya on July 16
I didn't know half of this stuff! Dang!
coldlight on July 16
These articles are always interesting to read!
catiebeatty on July 15
Great read! Correction tho, a UK size 8 is a US size 6. She is not a size 6 because I am size 6 at H&M!
coldlight on July 16
US size 8 corresponds to a UK size 4... it's frustrating how different websites say different things though! Anyway although she may be healthy, in that photo she definitely looks smaller than a size UK 8!
catiebeatty on July 15
Wikipedia says a UK size 8 is a US 4, but two other sites said it was a 6. Who knows!

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