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Updated on Aug 04, 2011

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Stephy11789 on January 08
children should be modeling at their own not at an adults's just not humane.
oscarinthecan on September 04
If this were part of a photojournalist's essay from a hippie compound, I wouldn't think anything of it. But the context of this photo is one, a portfolio that includes a couple of gross, fetishy images (see Jezebel article); two, a fashion shoot, which makes the absence of clothing notable; and three, an adult somewhere instructing a 10-year-old to take off her shirt and get her picture taken.
alinaceusan on September 04
they should model their own age
pashupati on September 03
What, people never see 10-years-old girls topless every summer? Also, in every holidays and in swimwear publicities? Plus, if a person is pedophile that person could be attracted even if she wore something. We also see lot of pictures of little boys like that in clothes catalogues, and nobody ever complain, even if really for someone attracted to little boys it'd be the same.
pashupati on September 03
By "it'd be the same", I mean following this logic, but if you want to avoid pedophile getting attracted and doing "things" while watching pictures, you should just not publish any picture featuring children anywhere. (sorry for answering myself, I thought I could type how many char. I needed, but then I couldn't write more)
1313 on September 02
NO! :( This is like Toddlers in Tiaras...sick & wrong
Karlasweet1 on September 01
Ay this 10 year old topless child makes me sick.... The photographer isn't to blame....WHERE ARE HER PARENTS???
La_Mooey on August 30
Wrong, just wrong.
Sisseroland on August 27
This is so wrong and disturbing. Poor girl, she should be able to have a normal childhood.
roxy117 on August 27
this is so wrong. people especially photographers in general should always know the borderline and limits about photography as an art, doing what is the acceptable standard for all. scantily clad adult models for the sake of fashion is ok but 10 year old girls is such a big NO NO. they should at all times consider every aspect of their subject, concept, model and the viewers/public.
joliezolie on August 26
At 10 yrs old being naked and free is normal, it should be normal. Her look is androgyny in this photo, she could be a boy, who knows, who cares!?. Put a bikini top on her then the photo eludes to her having breasts, which IS sexual. Please people it's beyond embarrassing to read some of your overly puritan and twisted rants. Fashion photography is an art.
melimelon67 on August 23
I find this extremely distroubing, fashion or not, she's still a 10 year old girl.
clara4ever12 on August 23
staystitching on August 22
this is so wrong
thebedhairmaid on August 21
Things would be soooo different if this was an artistic photograph, but the fact that is fashion, is almost... grotesque It just doesn't feel right to make images like this available to pedophiles, through fashion... is shameful
clara4ever10 on August 21
she should just be having fun not doing that (from a 11 year old) me
ninnda on August 19
it kinda sad see 10 year old girl topless :( just let her grow and act by her ages. she will lose her lovely childhood!
sukavati on August 18
You see topless 10 year old girls at the beach all of the time,and I personally don't think the human body should be hidden or taboo. As long as the girl isn't wearing a G-string or posing with older men, I have no problem with this.
ValleyGirlMall on August 21
I think you are correct. The porn and sex trades flourish because because people do not see people nude in socially acceptable ways while bathing or sun bathing consequently people are repressed about how they feel about themselves. Unfortunately most people are not as enlightened as we are and it does not look like they will be anytime soon. This is probably why this photo of this young girl messes with people's minds.
OHSOladylike on August 13
What in turn happens in this system is other girls will begin to feel the pressures ofthe elites dictating precisely aha the "proper" body image size and styles should be and this will happen at earlier and earlier ages if children as young as 10 model like so. Humans have a tendency to emulate and children even more.Think of the effect on your 5 year old daughter or sister. Long post - sorry!
OHSOladylike on August 13
They govern what we buy and establish standards of beauty while Identifying the aborations- they establish normatively to which we must conform or risk ostracism. They play with our desires through ads and runways to encourage demand of their product so they can supply. So here we have a child whose body is being sexualized and objectified (by often the male gaze but also the female) to sell
OHSOladylike on August 13
In response to pinkaholic0405 below: Obviously you are right about the way counts is transformed into street wearable fashion. But one must understand the way the market system works - it's by supply and demand. The fashion designers (and their ads) are the elites in this system and we are subject to their rule. They dictate the standards of style and fashion and in turn govern our conduct
pinkkreen on August 13
I can't believe that any parents would let their daughter do this...shes only 10 and this is NOT right!! Put a shirt on her and if she wants to model at least make it age appropriate...who knows how many pedos are out there protect your kids not exploit them!!...
kimwillkill on August 13
she is so pretty but way too young! I LOVE your articles great job!(:
Walabean on August 13
It's this sort of thing that's killing makes me very sad :(
pinkaholic0405 on August 10
you have to understand, things in high fashion and are super editorial are not made to be worn/done on the streets! this is why there is always a more toned down version of the couture. i see nothing wrong with her doing this because obviously she has enough sense to not walk around public topless and its editorial for god's sake.
melikey on August 09
Totally agree with 01honey on the stimilation of sexual perverts. This is sending out an inappropriate message and possible putting young girls at greater risk for sexual deviance
OHSOladylike on August 08
Where do you draw the line between what's art and what's socially acceptable? The effects of allowing girls like Thylane to model in this manner is that if there is more of it eventually viewers become numb to ethical questions we ask now, and this sort of child-sexualization is normalized and made socially acceptable. Consider toddler beauty pageants in the American south - its totally accepted
OHSOladylike on August 08
Another Vogue ad featured Thylane sitting seductively on a leopard print sofa, decked out in a chic bold gold blazer without a shirt underneath so that the blazer opens provocatively. She wears makeup and crazy heels. Sexualization of children is even more wrong than the objectification of women. Think of the consequences on body image for girls her age, and the stimulation of sexual perverts.
chicsarai on August 08
its nice that she can model at such a young age. more power to her but to have photoshoots that make her look grown up i personally think is a bit much. shes a kid. she should be treated as one
F4SHI0N on August 08
goodness she's just 10!thats terrible
pjp2496 on August 08
Well i dont have a problem with girls modeling because I've always wanted to model too but this is too far, theyre growing up too fast she should model for girls her age
HeadFirst on August 08
I think that it's really nice that she is able to model, but I think she should stick to modeling fashion for people her age. Just like adults who model clothes for other adults or teens, she should definitely be able to model fashion for younger teens or older kids. But she should definitely not be topless or wearing clothes that only older people wear, because that's not right.
angrycloud on August 08
So, excited about the new Macy's collection, but then when I read the article about the 10-year old........dear god why? She is a child and should be out enjoying her youth, not modeling as an adult. "It's her choice!" yes, but what she does also reflects on what other children will see and think appropriate, in the age where 4 year olds are wearing make-up, I think that this needs to stop >_<
thesimpletheory on August 08
it's great that she has a modeling career at such an age but i think it's the parents' job to draw the line of what is acceptable because she's still a minor
ramenhead on August 08
I think its okay for a 10 year old girl to model with clothing but her being topless isnt right.
floral on August 08
I argee with the pinciple of topless modelling in general, to express and compliment an interesting piece of jewellry or scalf etc. But why would a 10 year old be dressed like that anyway? my little sister is 10, she generlly spends her time in pretty dresses, but accesories are not really a priority of hers! 10 year old topless = not right!
boredstephanie on August 07
I think the 10 year old model definitely should not be modeling topless. If you found that on someone's computer, wouldn't you think he/she was a pedo? Calling it high fashion doesn't excuse you from photographing children without clothes.
blue_lego on August 07
In a family album this picture would be cute, even though 10 is getting old for a girl to be topless...However, since this is not just a little girl playing dress up, but rather some person telling her to wear this and then take pictures, totally inappropriate. Also as an underage model, this little girl should have been protected from doing this. That it causes controversy should say enough
LUVAct101 on August 07
UHH NO, They shouldn't! Period!
maryiangge on August 07
im excited to see karl collections in macys. scary on chanel clothes. too expensive for summer camp. the 10 yrs old model topless is sad news. very interesting crystal!
lechateaudesfleurs on August 07
This is sick. Get the pedophiles out of the Fashion industry.
EveyHoneysuckle on August 07
Aww Karl's eyes are quite lovely :) and I would never trade my boyfriend for makeup XP haha, that just sounds shallow. If you're that dependent on makeup, that's kind of sad. The only reasoning I can understand is if there's some facial deformity that requires cover up for the self esteem to be boosted. And I don't think the photo is that bad honestly. They don't have her in some sexual position..
EveyHoneysuckle on August 07
(cont.) and she's simply standing there with hair and necklaces covering up the top. Honestly, I don't see the suggestion at all. While the line is drawn when she's completely exposed and placed in a sexual situation. All I see here is a topless little girl in feathers and jeans.
essenceofrue on August 07
wow :-O
Mimi_Walker on August 07
I'm speechless ...
FatimaCarla on August 07
I don't agree with little girls modeling like that. When people think of topless normally they don't think of little girls modeling topless! If her and her family agree with this then there is nothing we can do. It's just a matter of common sense and how people wish to be represented to the world.
Smyles on August 07
Absolutely NOT! Let kids be kids for a while!!! We just went through this with the FLDS goofball! ;(
MiuSan on August 07
She is absolutely gorgeous and all, but for god's sake! put a shirt on her!
illq on August 06
She is too young to be modeling like that, I mean especially her parents for allowing them to sexualize their own daughter like that.
aribear22 on August 06
poor girl. Now everybody's going to go into a snit like they did with the topshop ad.
ScaryGodmother on August 06
Remember when Brooke Shields seductively told the camera that nothing came between her and her Calvins? Even if nobody agrees they keep doing it. Adds are meant to sell; beauty, sex, or image like being thin or tall. When you have a ten year old sell stuff, who is it aimed at? Personally I can't consider ads art, artsy sure. But not art. Remember, Person, Context and Perspective all go together
steaming_greentea on August 06
it's bordering on pedophilia. sick.
duhwinner on August 06
I agree. It's opened a door that can't be closed.
natalia_mar on August 06
i think is very very absurd, it's very low, as well said here they are sexualizing this 10. y.o girl! i think a part of our society is going too far but toward decadence!! Just let her be a girl!
j_fo on August 06
Well they did not take the picture against her will. Im not saying i support the topless pictures but at the same time the industry had to make an agreement with her parents/gaurdians in order for them to take it, therefore it was okay with her family. However i dnt see anything quite provacative about the picture above and looking at the other photos she is quite a beautiful 10 year old!
Dandelia on August 06
That´s really disturbing.. We all know that there are creeps out there, but what kind of parent would allow his/her child to be exposed like this? This isn´t a normal or comfortable situation for a 10yrs old child :-/ So sad!
AlexanderJames on August 06
It's not a photo of a topless little kid just being a kid. The photo is taken with the intent of sexualizing the girl with the purpose of selling the jeans. It just seems to be in very very poor taste.
ZiZi543 on August 05
the fact of the matter is that though this was meant for fashion, theyre are creepy people out there who unfortunately would take great pleasure out of exploiting children in such ways as these. the poor girl should not put herself out there in such a way as she is soo young
schestyle on August 05
This is the second time lately I've seen disturbingly provocative fashion shots of young girls. What are these people thinking?
ameliajin on August 05
great article!!
lastcookieinthejar on August 05
The photo of her topless I find to be the least disturbing of the bunch. The ones where they dress her up, trying to make her look older and sexy are absolutely not ok. With that said, I do think 10 is a little to old to be shown topless...
ravenouscreatures on August 05
Fantastic bits and I will have to peruse them more thoroughly. The killer heels is a must read. Tragic in its result.
HallieDaily on August 05
Oh, Crystal!!! So many useful information! my day just getting busier and busier,,lol...I love them...I have to check everything out!!! right now, I am so exciting about the Zara Only store....

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