5 Reasons To Wear Your Glasses!

Updated on Aug 15, 2011

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you know who else looks really hot in glasses... Louis Tomlinson
AzziZapata on December 25
<3 IT :D
sheilamdenison on October 21
People without 20/20 vision are so lucky because they get to wear glasses. I think people with glasses always look gorgeous.
ingridahl on September 13
By the way, we totally agree with reason # 1! That's we encourage everyone to have one pair of 3D glasses ( a cute pair) that you can reuse :)
ingridahl on September 13
We have always loved glasses!! Would love to hear what you guys think about our 3D glasses :)
Sisseroland on September 09
Just got new glasses, as you can see on my profile picture, and I love them ;)
DuppyConquerer on September 08
Aww =) I wanna wear my glasses now, thank you!! I was always saying "I can't see, but glasses don't go with every outfit so I don't care" but now I think I'll wear them xD
La_Mooey on August 30
I love glasses!
aceyloving on August 30
Now, I got good reasons to wear my glasses! No more excuses and goodbye to blurry eye sight! ;)
sympathy_kid on August 27
I definitely have been wearing this trend for years! And also my contacts... :)
DelightfulDecember on August 26
Wow, if only contact lenses are recyclable . :O Great point about that. I might have to get lasik and not worry about consuming anything with my eyes.
lunax0x on August 22
i need glasses .
FashionTrendsMore on August 21
good reasons:)
aribear22 on August 20
i think glasses are cute(: lol
girlpanic on August 20
Becksy on August 20
I wear glasses AND I'm a librarian.. do I win some kind of chic geek prize? :D
girlpanic on August 20
YES! ice cream and new shoes! ? :D
strawberryx321 on August 20
When I wore some big glasses, or what they call it nerdy glasses back in third grade, My classmates say that I'm just pretending to be one. But reallly I have clear eyes, I just do it for fashion!
fruti on August 19
I wear glasses that make me stand out a lot especially since I lost my casual ones but I learned that it's okay to have something pop out to show more of your features and your outfit :)
LUVAct101 on August 19
I only use glasses for distance and school, and i can wear them with literally anything, ANYTHING, even neon!!!!!
pandaphilia on August 19
as a lifetime glasses wearer, i still hate them. they're heavy on my face and i don't see as clearly as with contacts. they look nice on some people but i still feel nerdy !
briannamiller9625 on August 19
Cute article! My eyesight is fine but makes me want glasses nonetheless...
venusys on August 19
True said. I own like 6 pair of glasses even though i have perfect eyesight :D
LittleAcorns on August 18
I've been wearing glasses since the age of 5. I got teased so badly that I would hide them in my backpack and never wear them. Because of all of this merciless hatred towards me and my specs, I thought it was weird when glasses started to become cool. People now tell me they're jealous that I have a legitimate reason to wear glasses. I'm glad I can wear them now, without sacrificing my style.
girlpanic on August 20
It's so silly when people say they are jealous you have a reason to wear glasses, I hear it all the time haha <3
Projecttracy on August 19
Oh man! Getting teased is the worst! I sure do remember those days! I didn't want to tell my mom I couldn't see the black board in the 4th grade. I new what was coming if I did! Look at you now though! GORGEOUS! The envy of every 20/20'd eye out there.
syjjang on August 18
Cute article! Definitely makes you think about wearing glasses again :)
MiuSan on August 18
When I was a kid everyone with glasses got teased to no end...I only started to wear glasses as a senior in high school! Think how much I missed all those years being so nearsighted ;)
coldlight on August 18
I've been wearing glasses since I was 9!I always thought I looked good with glasses but I did get teased a lot :( I'm really glad that now you can buy all sorts of frames and colours to suit your face shape,there never used to be much variation!But I think it's funny that now lots of people want to wear glasses & buy fake 'nerdy' glasses, not even 10 years ago glasses were the height of uncool...!
Projecttracy on August 19
I hear ya sistah! I remember when the doctor would bring the big giant tray of options of glasses for me to choose from. They went from awful to hideously socially crippling awful" Thank god for burst of new styles!
ameliajin on August 17
great article!!!
boredstephanie on August 17
they also hide dark circles lol xD
Redchyna on August 17
I've always loved my glasses, I actually feel more stylish when I wear them.
teribi on August 17
that's the reason why i'm always having a dilemma on wearing contacts, i just can't live without glasses.
malloryasherr on August 17
awesome article, if i needed glasses, i would definitely wear them!
Projecttracy on August 19
Thank you!
OHSOladylike on August 17
I love wearing my glasses, they're a fantastic bold accessory. But haven't been able to wear them recently because I broke them! YEP snapped them! Gotta buy another one soon - 2 for 1 deal at clearlycontacts.ca woo! But mind you wearing glasses ALL the time can get extremely tiring on the face and painful on the ears, so I think opting for contacts helps give you a break.
essenceofruwe on August 17
great article. glasses have become really sexy.
MissMissy on August 17
Great point about the environmental impact of disposable contacts! Great article!
Projecttracy on August 19
Thank you!
PrettyNerdy on August 17
Great article. I love rocking my glasses, I think I look better in them than I do with contacts.
accordingtoannika on August 17
WOHOOOO! I have been super trendy for fifteen years, you gotta love that! Maybe I really should start wearing my spectacles in my outfit photos more... Tracy, you're the bomb!
Projecttracy on August 19
Annika, your "junior high article" killed my heart, but said it all. I wanted to somehow turn back the clock and move to your high school and beat up all the jerks! Wearing my glasses of course. If they only new the awesomeness that was you!
staystitching on August 17
i wish i didnt have 2020 vision
jehanprouvaire on August 16
i love wearing glasses for an accessory!!
fashion89 on August 16
i love ur post and i love wearing my glasses :D

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