How To Deal With a Competitive Friend

Updated on Oct 17, 2011

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hunt4anarnia on November 05
Finally a thought provoking post from a commonsense writer! Well Done!
melimelon67 on October 31
This article came at the perfect moment and I had a good laugh too! Thanks for the advice. (:
AmberLucas on October 31
Loved this - and the humor was perfect!
opfiend on October 25
It's hard not to compare yourself to others but as I get older I find it easier to do. It's amazing how different people can be.
marijakatrina on October 24
this picture of those little girls is so cute :)
patlaenz on October 21
great article...theres also some kind of bitchness in competitiveness not only insecurities(that can be really harmfull)
ChicMafia on October 20
Thank you for sharing is great how to deal with those "B" who like to do that. And I have told those right off. It doesn't make you any better than any one else. It will only make you look worst front of others.
inexistentfashion on October 20
Love the picture.
flexilexi on October 19
hahaha my whole batch is competitive.... :/ and yes, it's hard to deal with
pandaphilia on October 18
this is a great article and very relevant. thanks for the tips! i'm surrounded by people like this and yes, i am sometimes one of them too. challenge accepted - i used to collect and trade for holographics all the time
MiuSan on October 18
Nicely put together article. Have to admit that I am by far the most competitive person in my "circle". Still, if I feel like I am failing, I kick myself and go into a corner to cry. To put it simple.
irisanddaniel on October 17
Seeing this picture on Chictopia is hilarious! Hahaha, really great article. :)
lizzified on October 17
" Knowing that excessive competitiveness is based on insecurities, what your friend needs is acknowledgement and approval, not to be better than you " - you have put it very well! Thanks for the article :)
NuBambu on October 17
Great article. I agree with your point of view on taking the high road and giving the friend positive reinforcement. If it is a friendship you value, and you want to keep this person in your life, this is a god strategy.
Aphrodite on October 17
"If i wasn't a winner, that meant i was a loser."/"Being good at something doesn’t mean someone else has to be bad."- My fave parts.=) Great article.=)
H07xox on October 17
great advice!! loved reading this!! thank you =)
headbandit on October 17
I liked this--as I was reading I sort of imagined you saying it because your writing style reminds me exactly of your videos...y'know, except less profane. And I love the graphic, haha.
purplewang on October 17
Great advice! I think the best part about this article was learning that you collected Pokemon cards. :]
Humming on October 17
This reminds me of Dr Rodney Mckay from Stargate Atlantis fame. Thanks for the article!
Mimilove4 on October 17
That's some nice writing. Thanks for sharing your life knowledge (I know thissounds cheesy .. But it really is informative - I'll keep your words in mind)! :)
tyleroakley on October 17
You're welcome! I'm glad you liked! :)
gargoylekelly on October 17
i hate that competition with children :(
tyleroakley on October 17
It's one of those train-wrecks that you just can't look away from... and it doesn't help that it's on Netflix!
lacepearls on October 17
Excellent post.
tyleroakley on October 17
Thanks! I appreciate it! :)

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