Would You Wear Black To Your Wedding?

Updated on Oct 18, 2011

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lemuria on December 04
WOW!! if it's a vera wang i would definitly wear black . i wear black all the time anyway
JenniferLee2406 on November 27
I think black is more elegant but im not sure about this design ill have to be really in love of the dress to wear it... and it doesnt matter the color is the complete look that matter.
micahjasz on November 17
yes, ive always said that i would be wearing a black dress at my wedding!
Tazleigh on November 15
I would totally wear blck to my wedding. i wear white ALL of the time, and i think black wouldbe very romantic, with a twist of the dark side (Starwars leaps to mind!) that my boyfriend and i share, i think this would be fantasic
trangled on November 11
noooo black you can wear anytime..perhaps i am super traditional
fancypantslenny on November 10
i would wear black.i think the dresses are beautiful and no one should be held back from wearing something just because its unconventional
Dreamlander on November 10
I would never wear black to my wedding. The idea of it makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm not saying a wedding dress must be white only. But black... no way. It just has a vibe which I find inapropriate for a wedding. But the dresses are stunning!
carouth on November 08
the beige and white dress is my favorite, but all of these dresses are really stunning
venusys on November 08
These wedding dresses are so stunning XD
nursabiqah on November 07
Wow! The dresses are stunning! && Well, IMO black is a very elegant colour and I absolutely would wear a black dress for my wedding. Hahah! I'm excited just thinking about wearing it. :)
hunt4anarnia on November 05
I'd rock the hell out of a black Vera Wang for my wedding, just because I can! Besides black looks great on me!
abigailcrowden on November 05
i love black its one of my favourite colours but i dont think i would wear it to my wedding. You must have a lot of confidence to! <3
missira on November 03
i believe i could rock a black dress on my wedding! <3 black!
monkey_twin on October 31
I love black dresses! I just want to point out that "As a bridal colour, white only began to firm into popular tradition after Queen Victoria's marriage to Prince Albert in 1840..triggered a high-fashion fad with her off-white silk satin and lace gown and sheer lace veil". http://www.watoday.com.au/lifestyle/fashion/with-this-frock--20110722-1hsjt.html
Walabean on October 31
Looking at Wedding dresses at the minute...and these just aren't working for me...white with red velvet for me :)
ibizah on October 31
I wore a fucshia pink dress on my wedding day 6 years ago and would totally rock a black dress if I was getting married now. I think they are stunning.
aoibhealfae on October 31
my parents ARE traditional but its my wedding! white dresses are kinda lame and think of it, christian. I thought chinese's mourning garb was white. (maybe you could persuade your parents with this argument) BTW Malay wedding have this notorious tradition of switching brides' dresses. If I had the budget for it, I might consider black dresses... it would look cool! (if not, dark blue)
publicnightmares on October 31
I AM IN LOVE with the first black dress. It is absolutely gorgeous. I would totally wear it! The beige one and black/grey/beige are just as gorgeous. Vera Wang has totally won me over.
JeanZM on October 31
I'm not convinced I'll have a wedding but I don't think I would limit myself to any colour just yet, I would just want a beautiful gown. White has only become the wedding dress colour in the past couple of centuries. Before red was the common wedding dress colour. I don't know why it seems to be such a strict rule these days. I'd wear black but I think I'd like green or red :).
Style_Composer on October 25
I really like the beige one. I would honestly wear it. I think it looks very ethereal and would look great in a garden wedding.
opfiend on October 25
I love the beige and black dress also! I don't know that I'd wear all black to my wedding but there would be at least some black.
Jugie on October 24
I ABSOLUTELY love the black and beige dress in picture three!
kaster94 on October 24
I think it should be alright for me if there is a little black in my dress. But definitely all black. Plus my family members are quite traditional.
sheilamdenison on October 20
Absolutely not.
NanaAusume on October 20
I can see incorporating some back (like some of the dresses do) but all black? They scream "corpse bride" to me. Which would be great if you are having a themed wedding, such as a halloween theme wedding (I could totally get into that) but otherwise...I don't know.
Style_Composer on October 25
I agree, it would look "corpse bride" if there was no theme. It would kind of cool if there were black flowers everywhere tho.
cornelia on October 19
it's weird to wear black during weddings but... if Vera Wand will design my gown i would wear it.... i'm lovin her collection...
corinney (@corinney7) on October 19
I actually know someone who DID wear black for her wedding. Granted she's a little unconventional, but it was still very beautiful and tasteful.
Style_Composer on October 25
dezigner on October 19
i have a subscription to brides too, i didnt even order it, but i love it, and get excited for it. I LOVE this collection, vera really could do anything and i would want it
purplewang on October 19
Haha, that's so weird! Not gonna lie, I love the magazine too haha. And yeah, Vera Wang really could design any dress. It doesn't matter the color, anyone would wear it.
hpbburd95 on October 19
That is really daring! I don't know if I would, but I think someone who has that sort of non-traditional personality could pull it off. However, it might take some getting used to with society. I was always taught, white to the wedding! But these dresses could totally change the rules.
JanelleEfe on October 19
I think they are gorgeous, but not for weddings. I think traditional ivory, white, or even soft pastels get the job done. Black is for funerals or prom.
moonbrain on October 19
my gosh these gowns are beautiful. when i first saw these dresses, i wondered if anyone would wear black to their wedding. i have not really thought about it, but i can't seen my sister or mother wearing black to their wedding. SJP did it and she says she regrets it :/ beautiful dresses though.
dawno1979 on October 19
I would totally wear this dress for my wedding! Black is so classy!
ameliajin on October 18
gorgeous dresses!! P.S. i would wear black to my wedding
lizzified on October 18
I wouldn't wear a totally white or black dress - I'd personally like my dress to be more interesting in the color aspect! A colorblock wedding dress or another rarer color would be awesome :)
holzo on October 18
I've been imagining myself dresses in white since I was a little girl! Although these are beautiful (especially the second one from the right) I couldn't wear black.
FierceChole on October 18
These dresses I'd definitely consider! They're egdy and daring and if I couldn't find my dream dress in white but they have it in black, why not?!
Mishelle on October 18
i wouldnt wear black, though these are gorgeoussss
F4SHI0N on October 18
This makes me reconsider wearing plain ole white!great article!the 2nd dress is AMAZIEEEE
irisanddaniel on October 18
Love unconventional wedding dress colors! Katie Shilingford's Gareth Pugh gray wedding dress was phenomenal and these have sort of the same dark-romantic vibe about them. Would love to see someone rock a black wedding dress!
Savae on October 18
I would wear black to my wedding if I hadn't already committed to red!
SkinnyHipster on October 18
i would
naomayyy on October 18
I love it! I feel like the details of the dress wouldn't shine if it wasn't black.
filipina on October 18
filipina on October 18
i wouldnt wear black on my wedding, but i let my maid of honor and bridesmaids wear it! our wedding motif was black and white, unconventional yes, but it sure was fun. pictures are in my blog actually. :)
maryiangge on October 18
i love black but i wont wear black on wedding. i wore white when i got married and i want to pass the tradition to my daughter. i shared my wedding dress 1st time i posted a photoblog in chictopia. i got it at davids bridal - a simple beach wedding dress :) "my wedding dress!" >> https://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/184800
dasom on October 18
i wouldnt wear black on my wedding day call me traditional if you must, but i prefer white
boredstephanie on October 18
Wearing a pure white wedding dress is not for purity. It was simply turned into a tradition after Queen Victoria wore white at her wedding to show she can be frugle (since white was the cheapest color) Besofr her,wedding dresses were very colorful. Anyway, I personally wouldn't wear black but I wouldn't mind ivory or a cheery color^^ These dresses are gorgeous though!
ohbraveyouth on October 18
I probably wouldn't wear an enitirely black dress. Maybe the black and beige one, though. I will most likely have some sort of black in my ensemble for my wedding... I'm in love with the idea of an entirely black wedding dress, I'm just that girl that's been dreaming of the pretty white dress.
ItsClaudia on October 18
Love black, my fav colour but no!
Notofthisage on October 18
I'm still in love with a Zac Posen dress designed for Portia de Rossi's wedding to Ellen. That's what got me to look past my all white dreams and embrace a bit of color. I would still have a long way to go to black though.

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