What We're Reading: Week of 10/21/2011

Updated on Oct 21, 2011

Comments (14)

HoneyCreeper on November 10
I would kill for a pair of shorts like that lol
alinaceusan on October 27
love the trousers
raytravy on October 26
the video is seriously just amazing...she is perfect
PSSeven on October 25
Love the video..great concept
SeriousFashionShyann on October 24
Her whole outfit is amazing and her hair and makeup are gorgeous!
strawberryess88 on October 23
Gorgeous Rihanna!
maryiangge on October 23
rihannas we found love the current song on my playlist on repeat! great spider webs nail polish too :)
catiebeatty on October 23
Omg, i looked up ulzzang and the pictures don't really do it justice! You HAVE to watch a transition video that shows the girl before! Here is a crazy video about gluing your eyelids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbK0DlRqBDQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player
j_fo on October 22
also just a quick imput is it just me or does it seem since the big incident rihanna has been trying to act "hard" in her videos? i love the song but the video doesnt exite me as much. her music is great but her personality has seemed to change so much over the years. i miss the old her! oh!a quick question does anyone know if the intro monologue refers to her and chris?
j_fo on October 22
"we found love in a hopeless place!" ahh i love this song i just watched the video before loging on to my chitopia account..odd.lol however this song is amazing not to mention the beat that follows the main chorus! For some reason i can imagine models strutting down a runway to that beat :)
catiebeatty on October 22
That song is great! The video is awesome too! It was obvy filmed in the most beautiful part of britain :P
jojac on October 22
Can't access Loelyish. Uhhmm I love k fashion and ulzzangs are really popular, they are like internet celebs, some ulzzangs deserve to be ulzzangs but others are exaggerating cause the photo editing is too much they amost look like a virtual person =0
meme123 on October 21
on october 21 I love those shorts
bkgurl36 on October 21
i love this outfit, and ri ri always has her own sense of fashion, i love her

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