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snm87 on November 29
Some people are skinny, some curvy, its all good, the important thing to remember is to keep your body healthy and dress right for your shape, wether you are skinny, curvy, tall or short ! When it comes to beauty, or mens attraction to a woman , a nice face is more noted than body, so who cares if you don't appear on catwalk? Catwalk is supposed to show off the clothing, not the models :)
GabrielleElease on November 26
It's extremely unfortunate the type of mentality people have about body image. It's unhealthy and sends people the wrong message. What's important is being healthy, what's important is self acceptance, what's important is to know you are not going to look like a runway model... just be the happiest, healthiest and most stylish you, you can be. You do you. Let them do them.
phillipthenickel on November 22
I can't help but find the super skinny models to be a little gross looking- I mean, it's hard to be that unhealthy and still be beautiful.
DefinitionOfBeauty on November 21
i think it's sad how we portray the ideal thin. Most of the models are underweight, they are not healthy. We should embrace whatever size you are.
remmi22 on November 19
I think the bigger problem is the emphasis on numbers people associate with the ideal skinniness. There are people 5'4 and 60kg with figures different than Marilyn Monroe's. Focus on proportions is more important. Also, the regular person shouldn't aim so high for a model-like figure. There is a reason why models get paid so lucratively for their looks. For us, healthy is already beautiful enough
HauteHookup on November 10
Why is an "athletic body" the ideal body? The camera really does add pounds so if someone is a normal weight they can look bigger. This article wasn't informative or offering any solutions to this problem. If bigger women felt accepted in fashion then there would be more bloggers of curvy persuasion out there! I am tired of generic women all dressing the same with the same hair. BORING!
I love myself, curves and all!
aribear22 on November 07
Sad, but true.
newtoview on November 07
I don't want to be skinny. I just want to be healthy. Top Brazilian models such as Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio; Aussie model like Miranda Kerr; British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley changed those connotations about skinny models. They said "I don't want to be skinny, I want to be healthy. By eating right and exercise regularly will help you fit."
hunt4anarnia on November 05
#Yawn. Seriously folks? I thought this article would reveal at least a new perspective on the skinny obsession in fashion. The truth is that we ALL want to be skinny, no one enjoys fat or even pleasantly plump. Trust me I know, for example how many fashionistas on Chictopia who are over a size 12 getting tons of hits daily on their page? I'll wait... Skinny is in sorry folks.
ninahanekom on November 06
This is so true. There are no "chubby" famous fashion bloggers. Just look at every big blog out there, all of the girls are model skinny. I agree that we should all love our bodies and be healthy, but if you really want to make it in the fashion industry, you gotta be skinny.
fuglygirlonthebench on November 05 last someone speaks truthfully and is not trying to be politically correct...
Annebeth on November 05
I'd just like to say: the older you get and the more you develop your intellect and personality, the less you worry about superficial bullshit like bodily perfection. Seriously, it might sound corny but I value my sense of humor and intelligence SO much more than my looks.
pandaphilia on November 03
it is so good to see a real girl talk about the fashion world through real eyes. i see the treats in your blog posts and i'm so glad that you can stay true to yourself. heck you look way prettier than a lot of ultra skinny models because you eat healthily!
fuglygirlonthebench on November 03
i love fashion and I am creative when it comes to fixing up new styles. But my biggest setback is my body shape. I hate it not just because people tell me that i have fat thighs(which i do, because i was a dancer for 10 years), but because i know having fat thighs make me look ugly in most clothing. So it kindda limits my fashion trends.
steaming_greentea on November 02
A better question would be "Does SUPER TALLNESS rule the fashion world?" The most important factor in whether a model will get booked or not is their HEIGHT, so wouldn't the pressure of being tall be the domineering archetype that determines whether women are model worthy or not?
JessaFlux on November 01
It's funny how Marilyn Monroe at 5'4" and being over 130 lbs during her career is now considered "generously curvy". I'm 5'4" and weigh 150lbs. I look DAMN good and when I'm 130lbs I look malnourished. Now I realize everyone is different but damn, 130lbs on a 5'4" frame is THIN (and healthy) dude! NOT ultra curvy? (Not that being curvy equals unhealthy… Don't get me wrong!)
JessaFlux on November 02
I was actually corrected on this on twitter but I was referring to the height and weight posted in the article. Even at 5'5" and if she was in fact 130lbs as the writer of the article mentioned I would def still consider that thin. 140 would be normal... and 150 (like me) would def be curvy however I don't think she ever reached 150lbs during her career so I def wouldn't consider her "curvy".
Totallyoutcasted on November 01
MM was actually 5'5 and when she was 140, according to the BMI, she was at a weight that is normal. If she was 5'4, she would have still been at a normal weight. Notice how I'm saying at a NORMAL weight, not thin. 150 lbs at 5'4 is technically overweight. If you like that, then by all means. But you should be more concerned about health then the way you look.
Andreea_Hash on November 01
You are a true inspiration to all of us, Kristina:) You are extremely beautiful, and even more since you're not too thin. You are a woman, with curves and a gorgeous body. As to the mean messages, I recently received a similar one on my blog, from someone saying I have thick legs and I show them off, while I should hide them somehow. I have thick legs, I love them and I'm confident about my body!!
jczoi on November 01
Love the article! I totally feel you - espesh the part where you couldn't resist your favorite desserts! And oh, great bod you've got right there! Gorgeous! =)
fuglygirlonthebench on November 03
kristina, people admire your's crazy of u to put urself in the same place as some other unlucky people.
rhu_barb on October 31
Fat legs? Really? If that is a photo of you, then whoever said you have fat legs is either blind or insane. You're fabulous!
DelightfulDecember on October 31
Plus, most of my favorite fashion bloggers aren't traditionally fashion runway tall and thin either.
mimoji on October 31
This is the most important message imo! Models are thin because it's their job, and they are chosen because that job requires them to be thin. Being a model doesn't make you instantly beautiful. It's up to us to feel like we are beautiful, and most importantly nobody else is obligated to think the same.
DelightfulDecember on October 31
I'm not super skinny nor tall, just slender and petite with minimal curves. I'm sure there are others who may not find my body all that interesting; however, my boyfriend likes my thighs--so I have no excuse to not be happy. I am very content with the way I look. I do appreciate diversity in shapes and sizes, those are what makes the world appear beautiful for me.
melimelon67 on October 31
Very insightful article and I love how you used your own experiences in the past. When I was a young teenager I suffered from anorexia. Finally I realized I had to accept that having a butt wasn't a bad thing and I learned how to manage my weight properly. Much love!
WhatSadieDid on October 31
hard to relate to them as they war fashions that my hips, chest and thighs would RUIN. But then I'm sure there are girls out there who would love hips and thighs. I guess we all need to be happy with what we've got - that would be an ideal world, right!?
WhatSadieDid on October 31
This is a really interesting debate. As a curvier person myself, I still get tonnes of compliments on my outfits etc etc. And in 'my' mind, I have to try to dress my curves a lot harder than I would if I were skinnier. But as i've only ever been a size 12 I can't actually verify that, it's just how I feel. I do think that the very successful fashion bloggers are on the whole skinny, and i find it.
QuirkyBlogs on October 31
I'm 5'4 and I weigh 186 lbs. Am I healthy? I consider myself average size. Am I still beautiful? You guys sound like hypocrites. If you think being 130 pounds and 5'5 is big, then there is something wrong with you guys.
Tazleigh on December 08
i totally agree. omgosh. im 5'4" and i weigh 181 pounds. i think all the people who constantly complain and make it seem like they are "supporting the overweight like them" are idiots. there's nothing wrong with being the size i am, and im tired of people telling me im too fat. especially since thats pretty much what this article says
mimoji on October 31
From what I remember 130 pounds is pretty spot on for healthy/fit girls who are 5'5. I don't think anyone would argue against that at all.
Clairesy on October 31
I'm naturally really thin. I know I can't speak for those who struggle with their weight and the pressure that society places on us to look a certain way but I have to say (and I'm sure to quite a few 'boo hoo's get the violin out) that it isn't always easy being thin. I have spent my life being questioned as to why I'm so thin, do I eat? how much I weigh? and why am I so unhealthy?
Clairesy on October 31
I just wish we could all look how we're naturally supposed to look, be that thin, thick, big hipped, smalled boobed WHATEVER without derision and fear to be ourselves. When you look healthy (at any shape) then you're hot by my standards x
Clairesy on October 31
I'm definitely not unhealthy...I can't help the way I look. I've had strangers stop me in the street & ask to buy me lunch because they think they need to see me eat. FFS. As an adult I wish I'd taken up the opportunity for a free lunch! If I asked big girls how much they weighed in a change room I would be met with howls of anger...just because I'm thin doesn't make it any less rude.
BridgetteHunt on October 31
I think skinny is the norm but doesn't rule. sometimes clothing looks better when draped across shapely frames. i think that models should reflect real life and not some fairy tale image of what beauty should be.
Vel_place on October 31
It's true, the fashion industry is ruled by skinny tall girls... but I think they should embrace all types of bodies, skinny, tall, short, curvy...because people come in all kinds of shapes. Not all women are curvy and not all women are skinny. So I think that would be the best thing.. see all kinds of women on the magazines.
nonaoik on November 01
I totally agree
msfashinista on October 31
I very much agree that the fashion industry is ruled by being skinny. It has been almost 2 years of keeping off 80 pounds. I have never felt so better, healthier and more confident of myself. I agree that you should loose weight for yourself like I did but not for the fashion industry. You should loose weight also if your health is in danger. I agree with Merrycam too on the picture comments.
diajengma on October 31
love this article!
mimoji on October 31
I'd like to add that chictopia is pretty widely ruled by "skinny" as well. Sure, we have our token girls who aren't oh-so-thin, but I've noticed among my own pictures, my more honest photos don't get as many comments/votes as my thinner looking posts. I honestly feel that it has a lot to do with the fact that you could throw a potato sack on a thin girl, and it would be tres chic.
fuglygirlonthebench on November 03
Totallyoutcasted on November 01
But merrycam, you have to realize that those girls could have lots of votes/comments for any number of reasons. Don't worry about other people. Just do you. It shouldn't be about how many votes you get, etc. It s hould be about the love of fashion and sharing it.
mimoji on October 31
By the way, I looked up Amber Rose's height for you- she is 5' 9, and at 150 pounds she would have a BMI of around 22 which puts her in the healthy range.
mimoji on October 31
It is your responsibility to figure out whether 186 pounds is healthy for you or not. If YOU decide that you are unhealthy, it's not my responsibility to coddle you and tell you everything will be fine. I have NEVER called anyone out for their weight, I've had friends who were anorexic and friends who were obese and I've treated them all the same, do not tell me that I am biased or hurtful.
mimoji on October 31
MY biases? I don't think Marilyn was "curvy and big", I said she was HEALTHY and fit. How tall is Amber Rose? I'm basing HEALTH off of BMI (which by the way, isn't completely accurate either) we are not doctors here, don't pretend like I've diagnosed you with obesity or something similar when I haven't said anything about you. I was 150 pounds at 4' 11", I was OBESE- it wasn't healthy.
QuirkyBlogs on October 31
People keep calling her curvy and big. (Marilyn Monroe) I feel like a pig. You can't answer that can you? That's wasn't my concern, my concern was am I healthy? Amber Rose is 150 pounds is she healthy? Your biases along with this website's are hurting people like me.
mimoji on October 31
Totallyoutcasted, I have thought about things like photo quality ( and even considered that maybe I have poor taste in style) into factoring out what exactly causes most of my posts to fail while plenty of other girls on chictopia flourish. I've seen many posts with bad pic quality and plain outfits get 10+ comments, and 20+ votes, while most of my own posts receive 2 comments and 6 or so votes.
Totallyoutcasted on October 31
See, this is what I meant to about assumptions. People are usually think that people focus on their "flaws" as much as they do. Personally, I think you're adorable. Your weight is fine. Clothes look good on you. If people aren't' responding to your photos the way you want, consider typical factors first (i.e. photo quality, etc.). Don't make weight an excuse, because in your case, it's not.
Tazleigh on October 31
Okay, so i like that you are helping girls come to term with their weights and body shapes, but unfortuanlty i have to agree that you are skinnier than most of us, and have almost no room to talk about "not being the right body shape and weight". I hated it too, because i was about 40 pounds overweight, lost it, and people started paying attention to me. so you have nothing to say
Tazleigh on December 08
merrycam: i totally get what ur saying. i hate to say that i gained it all back because i had to stop exercising and take care of my mom when she got injured, but Totallyoutcasted, the thing is the same people that started paying attention to me when i lost the weight stopped paying attention to me as soon as i got above a six eight. i would rather be the over weight(according to the scale) and be happy the way i am, then be super skinny and be worried all the time about if my next bite of food is going to make me fat. i can also say that when skinny people recieve discrimination, its most likely because they have a holier-than-thou attitude
Totallyoutcasted on October 31
I wonder about your losing 40 pounds comment. Some overweight people, however, are insecure about it and therefore, neglect their appearance. Also, some people do look better when they lose weight. I am not trying to discredit your opinion. I just think too many people make too many assumptions. You can't assume people were responding particularly to your weight.
Totallyoutcasted on October 31
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Skinny people face just as much discrimination as overweight people. Any opinion is valid, especially when weight IS an issue in our society. Biologically, it makes sense that extremes in weight generally aren't considered attractive. It comes off as unhealthy in a world where the fittest individual is the healthiest.
mimoji on October 31
Agreed completely, I'm trying to lose the same amount. After losing 20 pounds so far, I can't believe how much better people treat you. I'm still five pounds overweight (by BMI/health standards) but I know that I need to lose another twenty before I'll look anything like the author because I actually am short.
AmberLucas on October 31
She clearly says so herself: "It is possible to be thin by having a healthy lifestyle routine...staying aware of what you eat and how you exercise.." There is no embrace who you are and how you were made. While I agree that we have a responsibility to ourselves to be healthy, it is not our responsibility to be thin.
AmberLucas on October 31
This article falls short for me. It was a valiant effort, and I can see the positivity that she was trying to bring, but it's rather narrow-minded. Basically this article says: "The fashion world says you have to be skinny. You don't - just make sure you're thin." I disagree with the commenter who said she could be fat and still have the same views. My response is No, she could not. [cont]
nonaoik on October 31
I mostly agree with the article, but I felt quite bad when I saw your photos after reading the text. I think you are not short and you are relatively skinny (Not as skinny as most models) but you saying that you don't care about being more skinny when you look almost like a model is quite insulting for people who are actually not tall and not skinny, althought I'm sure this wasn't your intention.
chelseaanchors on October 31
you help me feel more confident about myself image.
Saecha on October 31
I have mixed feelings about this article. In looking at the author's blog, I can't see any reason that she would have ever had to consider the issue of weight other than because of pressure from outside sources. Kristina has a lot of good points, but it easy to see why some people would question her ability to legitimately comment on the issue of pressures from the fashion industry.
fuglygirlonthebench on November 03
Kristina doesn't understand the true feeling of being overweight and being ashamed of herself because she is considered beautiful to most people. am i right? THe need to starve yourself is a necesity. Although i have a normal bmi now, i used to be chubby in my preteen days....and my, those criticisms i got! even from my mother.
tawana_basutu on October 31
Her weight shouldn't matter she could be fat and still have the same views. You don't have to be fat or over weight to talk about skinny models. But your point is excellent.
Lalaloop on October 31
Every one is beautiful in each and every way, but we all ar fix stated on being tall, skinny, and clear skin because that's how "magazine models" are. But it's all fake! Get some real women, no fake bits!
Sohoaccessories on October 31
Great article. Bad enough that everyone wants to be skinny but then you have magazines airbrushes bodies so that they appear even skinnier...Not healthy!
Luwine on October 31
This is a shame for you to let this girl talk about "being not so thin". She is quite skinny. We can't always blame the fashion industry for valorizing thinness, but this time, you're the one to blame.
Totallyoutcasted on October 31
I'm hearing a lot about this lately, and Marilyn Monroe is coming up often. The problem is that Marilyn Monroe was actually 5'5 and weighed between 120 and 140 at any given time in her career. She was always her heaviest during her hardest times and usually did some kind of diet to fit in her roles. If one looked at her body closely, especially in comparison to Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, she was
MaryShea on October 31
beautifully said. thank you!
Totallyoutcasted on October 31
r themselves, and stop blaming the media for their body image issues when it's, in fact, up to the parents and individuals to acknowledge reality, and promote confidence in themselves. We all know that what we see in the media is fake. Yet we don't blame tv shows for portraying an ideal in life that doesn't exist? So why blame the fashion industry for that very reason? Healthy=beauty. Simple.
Totallyoutcasted on October 31
not very curvy at all. The thing about the fashion industry is that it's not an industry designed to make women feel good about themselves. It's a business designed to sell wearable art. The size of models is the result of what the best "canvas" is to display the clothing, and also, they can switch clothes easily being near the same weight and height. I think that people should start thinking fo
fuglygirlonthebench on October 30
You are skinny, beutiful and impossibly perfect. It seems kindda impossible for you to understand how much pressure some girls are facing to lose their weight, well, in my opinion that is.If you consider your body shape imperfect, then i have no idea what perfect is.If you have people laughing at your flaws every day and making fun of your physical attributes, there's no way a person can gain....
35mmfilm on October 31
those "friends" of yours who scrutinise your body dont sound like true friends at all!! that's horrible!
fuglygirlonthebench on October 30
confidence.I have friends who like to compare weight, beauty, length of your legs, size of your thighs...i've had friends who scrutinise my body as if i am a disfigured doll. It seemed kindda sad but beauty is a thing no one can ignore. Pretty people get all the benefits and sometimes, i feel completely disheartened that life is unfair. 99.99% of people treat pretty people in a standard different than the way they treat the norms.
Chocosioco on October 30
Thanks for this empowering article!
Gisella on October 29
shennie87 on October 29
Thanks for the article.
weirdococo on October 28
great article..thanks!!
kaster94 on October 28
yes. this. 100% agree. great article!
filipina on October 28
thanks for the article! a real eye opener! sad to say though, others pretend to be blind to these issues...
HelloBoots on October 28
In my personal experience, it's depressingly true that weight matters. I never got anywhere in fashion until I fell ill and lost 15 lbs. Suddenly people were willing to speak to me. And although there are bloggers who gain success without being model- tall or thin, I think I can count the number on one hand. We're getting there, but we're nowhere near there yet.
lizzified on October 27
thank you for this article :) you truly are beautiful inside and out, and you're very wise in not listening to those who tell you otherwise!
sunonthebeach on October 27
we are exposed everyday by pictures of skinny, glamorous models in magazines and celebs dressed in expensive dresses. but i think we must remember perspective. those pictures that we see, they are not how the people are everyday. models do not always have perfect, photoshopped faces. and yet we aspire to be those things that are not actually real. we must remember what we see is not to be everyday
razzel on October 27
the article is really nice.. it is so inspiring and very beautiful... Thanks! this helps a lot to build up my self esteem...
RayC on October 27
Just because someone is thin, doesn't mean they have the perfect body. There's no such thing. We all have imperfections as well as qualities that make us beautiful and unique. We shouldn't pay attention to what the media tells us is "normal".
Mishelle on October 27
ya thanks for the article!
barbroandersen on October 27
Great article, indeed. I like that bloggers have a positive influence on fashion as we know it. Size doesn't matter <3
becalala on October 27
Skinny has ALWAYS been in, look at the 1920s and the Flapper girls, they all had boyish bodies and wore bras to flatten their chests.
RepublicofHeaven on October 27
I'm sorry, but this is not very accurate. The Flappers were juxtaposed with their early predecessors (and inheritors.) Further, the Flappers were a Western phenomenon. You can't make a generalization like this and exclude other certain cultures being curvaceous is beautiful. :)
j_fo on October 27
this article is great, especially since its written by Kristina, i love her blog!
maryiangge on October 27
great article!
alinaceusan on October 27
superb article

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