chic tv: annoying fashion questions

Updated on Dec 25, 2008

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lovelyme on June 01
fashionslacker on January 04
i always love chic tv ;) i love "love actually" too, I just watched it the other day....
roxanne2332233 on January 01
ahaha. Storm troopers are awesome, they crack me up :D Well anyways, the second question/answer really put some stuff into my mind; made me think. Thanks! Oohh Minnesota? hmm i've only ever been there in the summer...Anyways, Happy new years and hope the snow stops for you soon! =]
mnavoy on December 30
hahah i loved the thing about the storm troopers. my parents always think i'm crazy when I'm on my web cam or something being weird at my computer. what annoys me is when the sweats wearing people or the poorly dressed boys say crap about what people who actually are putting some effort into what they wear. I liked how you put the different emotions or idea designers portray into words
janemagnitude on December 30
I live in Minnesota too, I feel your pain girl.
elysiamann on December 28
you're freaking hilarious and amazing and captivating and extremely intelligent and just reallly fun to watch. i was laughing out loud for at least 4 minutes of this. your delivery and articulation is fantastic. thanks! oh, and we couldn't see your purple pj pants :)
EverybodyIsUgly on December 29
Ahhh, you're too sweet! Hahah, I guess iMovie automatically widescreens thins and cuts out the bottoms and tops (which was perfect, since my purple pajama bottoms = not so cute, especially after my "what to wear at home" post. Yikes.
tospendtime on December 28
Oh, and you're kind of amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the webisode.
tospendtime on December 28
How exactly did you make your infinity scarf? What fabric did you use? And the measurements? Ahhh the questions!
EverybodyIsUgly on December 29
I knit it! And then sewed the ends together. I used two skeins of yarn, ran out, and then didn't want to go get more to finish the scarf, haa. It's about 3 ft in circumference and two feet wide.
bunnygirl on December 27
Aww I loved it! I have to disagree with everyone and say I love snow, but maybe it's because I live in Dallas and the only time I see snow is when I'm going snowboarding??? I loved the part about your glasses, lol
lydia on December 27
I enjoyed this! It's always interesting to hear bloggers talk (in real life). And I don't think your voice is annoying...and I also (kind of) hate snow. Or at least the fact that it makes me a shut in. :|
snowbunny on December 27
omg i really enjoyed that. thanks connie! =) so awesome. =) you definitely have a perspective on things ;) i went snowboarding recently..and.....well i'm not sure i'm a fan of snow anymore. i went up in a snowstorm. that says a lot doesn't it. lol
KyrasThreads on December 27
Def agree with you!! I live in W.I so I feel your pain with the snow! :(
princessMLim on December 27
lol. hmmm momi u look hot. ur so passionate about fashion
emilyhuuu on December 27
i really enjoyed your thoughts on fashion as a form of art rather as something superficial--esp. when you compared the messages of two different designers. very refreshing ideas. i'm eager for more 'sodes! :D
Angel_In_The_Pit on December 26
lol this was hilarious and awesome. please do more! besides your thoughts on fashion (i agree) and "cuteness" i especially liked the way the video was edited with the funny or awkward moments being cut right away to continue to your point. for some reason it made it funnier. lol also i JUST finished watching Love Actually like 10 minutes ago. Sooo good. ok i'm done. :)
EverybodyIsUgly on December 26
Thank you for all the not mean comments, omg I was so terrified to post this. But yes! I guess I will make more videos before school starts up again.
geekbonchic on December 26
vancouverista on December 26
That was great! I find that often when you watch 'vlogs' made by bloggers they are far less interesting than their blogs...but this actually made me like you a lot more! Good job, you are super smart and funny.
mrhogan on December 26
You are S-O-O-O charming! I'm so looking forward to the next webisode, because fellow sardonic asian girls are pretty much all I live for.
EverybodyIsUgly on December 26
Ahahhaha,I am so flattered!
Catherinee on December 26
I thought this was very enjoyable and funny :) I'd definitely watch more in the future.
caramia on December 26
Haha I really enjoyed this. Hope you do more webisodes. :)
pandasarered on December 26
this has already made my stay a dallas more bearable. i completely agree on the first topic about how fashion is "meaningless". i hate how if you dress in heels (at least at my school) your such a superficial person. because people take you much more seriously when you wear pjs to class. good idea on the wine!!
theleafed on December 26
That was a really entertaining webisode! Only, I had to squoosh my face up to my laptop speakers from not being able to hear you... Is it just me? The music is really loud, but your voice is really soft.
EverybodyIsUgly on December 26
I am SO BAD at editing. Yeah, I totally understand what you mean. I'll fix it for the next one.
charlie_lately on December 26
it was great, i really enjoyed it. keep up the good work, yo. ps. I love hugh grant as well. (so charming !!)
Pink_Champagne on December 26
that was really amusing! i enjoyed hearing about all your pet peeves. and the stormtrouper thing was hil-arious!! in the future, i'd be interested in seeing an episode about your inspiration, whether it's just yours or the whole Chictopia team. I'd love to see the inspiration behind the great fashion! =)
EverybodyIsUgly on December 26
fightingforsanity on December 26
I liked the video! And I love your nailpolish! I've been looking for a good yellow one but haven't come across it yet. What brand is it?
EverybodyIsUgly on December 26
It's essie, but it spilled in my bag on my way home, so I used the last of it before it went into the trash :(
purplehibiscus on December 26
very entertaining, womderful start to my day!
moonovermagarao on December 26
smart, witty and entertaining. i enjoyed it very much! and no your voice is not annoying (thank goodness!!)-- many a webisodes have killed my interest in certain blogs.
thislilpiggyflew on December 26
Great, informative, and smart webisode! I think it would be really good if you made a list to the top 10 combacks to the question: Why are you wearing that? I'm sure a lot of other chictopians can use them.
EverybodyIsUgly on December 26
Ooh, yes! I will come up with some. Thanks for this idea!
lho on December 26
Very cute!
swinginthelobby on December 25
i raise my (shiraz-filled) glass to you!
EverybodyIsUgly on December 26

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