Reinventing Your Wardrobe pt. 1

Updated on Jan 17, 2009

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paigesofabook on February 07
I just moved rooms within my house, did a serious wardrobe cleaning, wish i had had these tips before i did it! but they will be used next time, thanks!
lydia on January 22
LOL. The last outfit seems soooo familiar =( Thank god I outgrew that!
maitabaello on January 22
this inspired me to clean my closet!
thelovelyolivia on January 21
a girl in my psychology class wore that outfit today... with uggs :o i just did a major revamp of my closet before the new school year began, and i wish i had had this to read before i did it -- very helpful!
Martina on January 18
i always do the "wardrobe cleanse" around the end of the i always dig up the most random items lol
thatdorkygirl on January 18
haha i am in this phase exactly! i've got way to many cheesy t-shirts, ill-fitting jeans, and unflattering shapes in my closet. i think the main change is my taste- im trying to chicify everything... but im in dire need of cash, so thank you EIU!!
purplehibiscus on January 18
I cleaned my closet, but I think I still have more to go, lol!
SpeckledKiwi on January 17
That shirt reminds me of Tootsie Roll Pops. :o I found a pair of capris in my closet from five years ago. I cringed....
anitadb on January 17
hahaha, yellow Camille :D

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