What to Wear to Scare Off Creeps

Updated on Feb 21, 2013

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HighHeelShoes on March 20
And what may I ask constitutes a creep or a perv in your opinion. Some one older than 25 ?, some man that YOU dont find physically attractive ?, There are number of more practical ways to stay out of trouble, wearing black and scowling at every man that dares to talk to you is not one of them .
StephanieColonna on March 15
It´s funny, but sometimes I feel that the "angry face" actually attracts more men
amorphous_face on March 13
Good work. I don't think this article has to be satire. I live in Argentina and I don't think men are creepy anymore for making cat calls but that is because I am so used to it that I don't even notice it anymore. The only thing worse then being leered at is NOT being leered at.
Off4thandGraham on March 11
I wouldn't personally change the way I dress just so I wouldn't be hit on. That's taking it way to far, I don't think any of these would work. If a perv thinks you're hot and want to talk to you they're going to talk. The best thing you can do is refuse (politely) and leave the situation. But it's a funny article KimberlyLove.net
TamQuoia on March 07
so funny!!
PrincessSparkle on March 04
I used to think what I wore made a difference until i got married. And then I realized my married "look" ie pissed off and unimpressed is better than pepper spray. Combine it with a gruff voice and the message "I have pent up aggression I'd love to express" keeps all unwanted contact to a minimum.
catiebeatty on February 26
I hope this is not a serious article :(
purplewang on February 26
Hi Catie! I think most readers took this article as a satire but people interpret it differently. What's with the :(?
Melodic_Thrifty_Chic on February 26
I am 100% behind you on this. This is a wonderful post. You have to show that you mean business with these creepers. I used to cover up every morsel of skin to try to combat the problem, but once I realized that they'll grab, slap and yell at anything with a vagina regardless, I knew that all that really mattered was standing up to them.
luckyjordn on February 26
Gorg. Love uur hair.
Bohemianragz22 on February 24
Thank you! this outfit is so rock and roll! love it!
Wish on February 23
RaynaKunzman on February 23
I couldn't have said it better myself! I would definitely describe my style as "Please don't talk to me on public transportation" and this sums it allll up. Makes me sad that this is even necessary to not be harassed, but mastering it has made my anxieties about traveling alone basically go away.
Cely988 on February 22
I know how you feel...even whenever I dress very casual and modest (like jeans and a sweater) I get so many perverted looks :S Thanks a lot for the article!
Blessedwithmusic on February 22
Luckily I've never had to deal with creeps, but I'll keep these tips in mind for the future! haha
anniestylemaven on February 21
love this article. :)
Smash86 on February 21
Love this article! And Jenna Marbles :)
carly4eyes on February 21
Cute article and great style tips! I get that it's supposed to be satire but it also sort of perpetuates the myth that a victim can avoid being harassed by dressing a certain way, which can suggest that victims are at fault when they "dress a certain way" because they could have avoided it had they not been "asking for it". Everyone should be free to express themselves in any outfit they choose:)
Melodic_Thrifty_Chic on February 26
It's true that you'll get harassed no matter what you're wearing. I learned that very quickly, but the writer does make some very good points. Blending in and wearing difficult to remove layers will likely add some security. I think the post is more about how to be safe without sacrificing your own personal style.
aclassicnotion on February 26
Yes! I came here to say just that and you worded it perfectly. Thank you so much.
purplewang on February 21
Yup! Agreed. No matter what you're wearing, harassment is harassment. Unfortunately in the real world some people judge you based on what you're wearing.
LittleBee on February 21
HAHA! This outfit definitely says "Don't Mess With Me!!". I love this.
bkgurl36 on February 21
love the coat

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