How to Accept that You’re Getting Old(er)

Updated on Mar 25, 2013

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evylee on October 23
Look muy neutro :/
JulieB on July 17
I'm 25 but i feel like 23.. i had the same feeling of misery when i turned 25 but then i thought, "is not the age, is the way you feel", and i certainly feel more confident in so many aspects of my life! and ppl think I'm still 22/23 so that makes me feel good an young :D. I think the secret is to do what you love and that will keep you young at heart paired with the wisdom years give!
Ijetaimefashion on July 16
Haha - nice post! I am 31 (I know to you this probably sounds like being a senior already), but my style has never been better throughout my life that it is now! I have never had so many pairs of shoes; I have never had so many quality clothes... and it only gets better!:)))
lostinrubyslippers on April 24
Aging sucks, but I say wear whatever makes you feel good and look good. If you can pull it off go for it! xo,
PrimandPropah on April 16
I totally agree with being more confident with age and also not being in Forever 21 in, well, forever haha! Love this <3
femmepiricalevidence on April 15
Good approach & cute dress!
Lindazg on April 11
Just wait until you turn 45!!! You can finally settle into yourself and feel beautiful anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Hang in, hang on and have hope, it gets better.
purplewang on April 11
Thanks! Makes me happy to hear that! :)
preppyparisienne on April 01
Agreed! I only feel more confident in myself as I get older and accomplish more professionally as well as personally. :)
hazelkrisferrando on March 31
Nice article;)
Blessedwithmusic on March 26
It's funny but I can relate to seeing how my style (or taste in clothes) has been gradually changing. I'm learning more everyday about "dressing for my age" - that is, shying away from the teen styles but still avoiding the middle aged woman styles.
lavanderly on March 26
Age is a very relative coordonate. I may seem older to most of the people and younger to the ones which know me the best. But age is not only about that... On the inside I get happier, more content and confident every year ;) Great article btw
tanfizzle on March 26
I have been getting depressed about getting older each year for a few years now but when I think about it I do realize I am happier with age and continue growing happier. I just hate the feeling of time slipping away from me and so many things I want to do still undone!
alaLadywolf on March 26
I ignore my age most of the time, but it seems that others love reminding me! Many of my friends are a lot older than I am, so that contributes to my ability to realize it's not a big deal. I truly believe that your mid-late 20's is a great place to be. But then again, I think every age is a great age. I love what you have to say about age affecting your style. Mine has (somewhat) matured. :-D
tanfizzle on March 26
Great way to look at it!
MariaAlyssa on March 26
interesting dress
mybelonging on March 25
loves it!
LubkaChristova on March 25
very chic look! loving it :)
DraFashionista on March 25
nice article!
anonymours on March 25
cute article!
NaruzkaVarela on March 25
And that's just the beginning! :-)
michelle_42 on March 25
This is a great article, I agree, the 20s is an awkward age. Just when you think you knew everything about yourself, there is always something that surprises you along the way.
barbroandersen on March 25
I'm terrified!!
LittleBee on March 25
So well written! I'm 26 & I look at teens pulling all-nighters 5 nights in a row & I think "man I am old". There is completely nothing wrong with being/feeling old (even at the age of 25!!). It just means you know yourself well enough to know what works for you and what doesn't. :) You care less about peer pressure and focus on what you want. I'm an old soul and I couldn't be happier!
Srahjayne17 on March 25
I agree with this. I just turned 30 and had an "oh crap, I better start doing all of the thing I put on the back burner" moment. I also dress better and have found what looks good on my body. I take very good care of myself, and I'm way more confident than I ever was. Getting older isn't a bad thing!! :)
ErinD on March 25
Wow! Wait until you hit your forties, ladies! Just enjoy every moment of the journey!
aminta on March 27
That´s it ! Well said.
Melodic_Thrifty_Chic on March 25
Right on. Another great post! I feel the same way, though I am much older than you. ;) I know I don't look like it (thank Zeus!). I think older people get stuck in their ways when it come to fashion. Obstinate to change. It's important to stay current, know which buttons to push with your style, but stay true to your own style at the same time. It's a challenge I look forward to as I age.
Melodic_Thrifty_Chic on March 25
I'm actually curious to see what my style looks like 10 years from now. I know some people from high school who are in their late 20's early 30's and they have the SAME hair cut. Haha. You gotta remain fluid and go with the flow. I look forward to that metamorphosis.
angiekje on March 25
Age is just a number :) (my mom is sometimes younger than me... seriously!!) I am 26 and I don't mind my age as long as I am moving towards my goals... I cannot wait until I achieve them actually :) somday... hopefully :D (cannot stop thanking chictopia for giving me the opportunity to go to mercedes benz fashion show two years ago :) still one of the most amazing things in my life and I never
angiekje on March 25
thought anything like that was possible when I first signed up :))
fredamans on March 25
Sad to think people consider themselves old at 25... I must be ancient at 36. As long as you take care of yourself, getting old shouldn't be a bad thing.
helenz (@helenzhu) on March 25
I'm also in my 30s and Chictopia has helped me reflect back on what I wore in my 20s and appreciate my current style so much more!

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