Are You About Personal Style or Looking Good?

Updated on Apr 03, 2013

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27chic on May 28
I am into personal style than looking good. I dont even put make-up (sometimes a lip gloss), i wear sunglasses so not to expose my face too publicly. What I am sharing to the public is more of my style preferences and the style tips that i can share too.
evylee on October 23
Me gusta el color del abrigo
kristenms on May 10
I'm about both personal style and looking good! *Besos* Instagram:Cmichellestyles
DelightfulDecember on April 11
I know, sometimes the things I really like don't flatter my body-- and I end up wearing them anyways. XD
DelightfulDecember on April 11
Kind of like I prefer white gold/ silver jewelry even though gold jewelry looks better on me.
Annebeth on April 08
uhmmm I don't know, neither/both? I find it most important to be able to project a certain vibe or look. Styling myself like I'm a character in a series (the character I see myself being in day to day life, nonetheless). Not really artistic most of the time, but it's not about looking good really either. More about... finding myself and sharing the process and stages? Something like that.
dirtysean on April 05
I think that this is a very relevant topic, and I have found myself sift through fashion blogs because of the difference between a girl who is having fun with her own unique spin on different trends and someone who could be straight out of an editorial shoot.
shugavery on April 05
I think it's totally important to keep a good balance between looking good, because whatever we say we do like looking good on pictures, and personal style. I don't see one existing without the other as they are part of a blogger's aesthetic. Your article tackles a real issue in fashion blogging since I am feeling bloggers are criticized more and more for only caring about appearance and trends.
fredamans on April 04
Roxana_Cuceu on April 04
allicinwonderland on April 04
very interesting
Melodic_Thrifty_Chic on April 03
the more personal blogs resonate with me more than the immaculate ones (i.e. perfect hair, makeup and up-to-the-minute fashion). i think the blogs that are about looking good alienate a lot of people. for me, i don't wear a lot of makeup (usually none at all) and i don't wear a lot of jewelry. my ears aren't even pierced. my blog is about my clothes. i view my body as tangential.
oliviataylor on April 03
...I agree with you that many girls pile on the trends and pile on the photoshop to try and "make it" but many of them will not go far because authenticity far outweighs the aesthetics of "looking good". Just my humble opinion.. an interesting article to read! Thanks!
oliviataylor on April 03
As a blogger of only four months who has been decently "successful" (not really sure what defines a "successful" blogger, but I was picked up to work for Seventeen Magazine).. I have never ONCE used an airbrushing tool to change my appearance. I NEVER post an outfit that I don't actually wear.. I think it is important to remain authentic to your personal style.
irisanddaniel on April 03
Opening up the discussion for analyzing blogs and how they're used as personal and public forms of expression is totally important! Fashion bloggers should care about how good they look, but "good" is relative to the individual. And when bloggers ignore the importance of the personal journey of exploration and interaction with what they create, that's when there's a disconnect.
purplewang on April 05
Yup, totally! Personal style should mean that it's personal, so that's where there's an issue with the blogs I'm talking about.
pandaphilia on April 03
this is a much needed look at some of the real problems from the world of the consumerist blogosphere. thanks for bringing examples to light and starting the conversation, amy. i like your magenta coat too

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