How Do You Take a Compliment?

Updated on Apr 15, 2013

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evylee on October 23
Falto algo más de color :D
SouffleGirl on July 23
In a short etiquette lesson I had, the person said the way you take compliment is by acceptance, because if you compliment the person back, it'll be a never ending round of compliments. I usually smile, thank them and squeeze a compliment the next time I see them or an appropriate time after they've said their compliment so it's not an immediate back and forth.
hannerdino on July 23
Aww this is nice, I like where it say "chictopia is a site where everyone is giving compliments" :) I'm like this too, I get awkward when people say happy birthday to me...or anything nice. Put myself down too much D: Trying hard to change that!
Hewie on May 13
I'm mostly shy when people compliment me, I don't know how to react. But inside I feel good ^^
heyKjude on July 24
Ideally described! My exact feeling.
regie1316 on May 13
I'm shy most of the time especially when it is in person. But there are times when I can accept compliments and say thank you. :)) Sometimes I notice people complimenting others and not mean what they're saying. I don't get it. What do they want to get from that?
morgsmorgan on May 12
Great read! Good point! I have struggled a lot throughout the years with a strong self-deprecating attitude and it is one of those things you have to come to realize is all a matter of choice. Before long if a person says things to keep from causing others to feel insecure or to fit in etc.. they can start to believe those things. :)
kristenms on May 10
Love the casual look! *Besos* Instagram:Cmichellestyles
HouseofHolly on May 06
I used to be the same way until I gained more self confidence. :) It's nice to know sometimes we all struggle, it's part of being human. Usually I like to say thank you and often return the favor and compliment them on something also.
CoraKimiko on May 06
I love when Meryl Streep gets complimented on her sadness in Adaptation.
BcoolNgreat on April 24
It took a while for me to accept a compliment. But later I realised that it makes you feel good and lifts your self esteem and confidence. So I do it for the others now. As you say it is a positive thing and you don't lose anything by giving a compliment.
ehuizar on April 21
It's taken me a long time to really feel good about myself. So when people would pay me a compliment I'd lash out and say something mean or just ignore the compliment. For me, a compliment seemed like the exact opposite. I would think that they would only say the compliment to point out what they thought was wrong with me. I hope that made sense... Haha, anyway, now I simply say "Thank you". :)
IriniLDRTS on April 21
When my best friend makes me a compliment i'm like ''wth,no''...but when it's someone else,i smile (a bit shy) and saying a supriced and cute ''Oh,thank you:)''
nekorine on April 20
Always reply, "Thank you very much. I really appreciate that" even if their compliment isn't genuine.
arraabella on April 16
Very nice write up and I love your casual look! Voted chic! :)
xilcanopapaya on April 15
Such an adorable casual look
DelightfulDecember on April 15
"Oh, these are just clothes I threw on. But thanks. :) "
icecreami on May 09
haha ditto...
shugavery on April 15
At the beginning I must say it boosted my ego but then I realized that these compliments were more related to my ethnicity more than my actual self. Not that being half african is not a part of me but it is not ALL what I'm made of, so sometimes I wish people would see beyond my skin colour and origins. I think that is how I became self-critical but I always try to find a balance when doing it.
shugavery on April 15
I am very self-critical but I've also learned to take a compliment. In France I was not complimented as much as I am in Italy where they are less black people (I have to say that because it does count, they wouldn't tell me anything if I wasn't) so when they see me with natural hair or a headscarf I get compliments but also a lot of weird looks because they are not used to it.
jillms on April 15
haha I have the same issue.. When someone's complementing me on my clothes. I always say "ahh it's old.." Eventhough that's not really relevant.
anniestylemaven on April 15
Great post! I'm the same way...
jazzybui on April 15
oh this is so true! i don't know how to take compliments. i get awkward everytime..
fredamans on April 15
I'm not great at taking compliments either... am better at giving them!
Smash86 on April 15
Great article! I know I don't take compliemtns very well either, I tend to avoid them or laugh nervously when someone tells me I am beautiful or that I look good.

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