How to Stay Stylish on a College Student Budget

Updated on Apr 18, 2013

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CarefreeContessa on August 18
cute school-girl look
SolunaFashion on January 23
Thrift!? :)
evylee on October 23
ClevengLiu on May 17
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JennyVintage on May 14
And buying from charity shops is more fun and satisfying, and you're more likely to try items you wouldn't normally choose. I think you often come out with a more interesting look.
morgsmorgan on May 12
Great article whether you're in college or not!
kristenms on May 10
Great tips for college students! *Besos* Instagram: Cmichellestyles
thathypedfairy on May 09
CoraKimiko on May 06
Window shopping and text books for me :)
adetalferez on April 25
I actually printed this whole thing out and paste-d on my journal/sketchbook-of-sorts to serve as a reminder. HAha!
corinney (@corinney7) on April 24
Great tips here. This would have come in handy during my college years, but still is a nice reminder for me even today!
123goca on April 24
I agree
albinoGuineapig on April 24
nekorine on April 20
I love being able to make my own clothes. It is always so fulfilling to make a garment and tell people "yep, I made it from scratch" than saying "oh, I got it at topshop" (not that I don't like topshop). Also knowing that other people won't have the same thing as you and you are able to tweak the clothing pattern anyway to suit your needs and style. Love making my own clothes <3
SaraZhashk on April 19
Often when I go out shopping, I try to think of how an item will fit with other pieces I already have. It the item doesn't really work anything, I try to avoid buying it. But you know, that doesn't always happen!
helenz (@helenzhu) on April 18
I wish I had your sense of fashion literacy when I was your age
shugavery on April 18
These are great and intelligent tips. I am not a big shopper I only buy if needed, few times I've bought on an impulsion, but where I lack is certainly in saving money for designers I really enjoy and often find myself with clothes that get old very quickly because they are not high quality. So I guess I'll follow your "splurge and save" piece of advice :). Thanks a lot for this useful post!
purplewang on April 18
Um, I wish I had this when I was in college. These are great tips. I always went to Nordstrom Rack and eBay for stuff. One thing I should've done is google for online coupon codes more often-- there's always an online sale! :)
irisanddaniel on April 19
That's definitely a great tip! Sometimes you can get free shipping or discounts on things you were already planning on purchasing. Doing this before hitting the street is also a good idea, sometimes you can print out exclusive online coupons for brick & mortar stores!
Smash86 on April 17
Great post! I know that I'm struggling to buy clothes lately but your advice hits home (I usually end up buying the same pieces or patterns over and over)

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